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9th July 2021

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Welcome to Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy ...

"the best that has been thought and said"

If you are considering Conisbrough Ivanhoe for your child then this website will tell you a great deal about who we are and how we operate.

In the months when school was closed due to Coronavirus, we were one of the top schools in Doncaster in terms of the percentage of children we had in every day (including holidays) to support our keyworker parents and our vulnerable children. We also opened to all age groups in June and July to give every child the opportunity to get back into school before the end of term.

In September 2019, we rewrote the curriculum to ensure that we were all about breadth, depth and balance, introducing the children to the best that has been thought and said. The Coronavirus outbreak led us to consider our curriculum even more so that we could add emphasis to helping children take joy from everything they learn - having care for their own health and well-being, feeling responsibility for the well-being of other people and respecting and loving the world in which we all live. This is the task we have set ourselves...

Ivanhoe has long been known as a high achieving school where most children fly through their exams, but we want to help children to become citizens of the world. If you have the same hopes for your children then Ivanhoe might be the school for you.

Wrap-around Care

We understand how important Wraparound Care is to parents.

We offer wraparound care from 7:30am - 5:30pm

The link below will take you to a page with all the details.

Wrap-around Care -
Sept 2020 to August 2021

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Data Sharing and Protection Officer - LOCYPS & Schools

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