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13 March 2020

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Welcome to Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy ...

"the best that has been thought and said"

If you are considering Ivanhoe as a school for your child, please take a good look at this website as it will tell you a great deal about us and about the way we operate.

We are very proud of the academic success of this school: we were in the top 100 schools in the country last year in terms of pupil progress and also have very high attainment. However, a glance at the website and a visit to the school will show that we are about breadth, depth and balance and about school being a great place for children - safe, enjoyable and friendly.

As a group of people, the staff at this school are committed to giving your children the very best possible start in life. We believe that through our curriculum and through our visits and other activities, we can help our children access the essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

In the blink of an eye, your children will be adults: we recognise our vital role in shaping the learning of those young men and women, so that they are able to play a full part in our society, without feeling that they have missed opportunities along the way. If you would like your child to get the same opportunities then Ivanhoe may well be the school for you ...

Working from Home

To support parents / children during any period of closure as a result of coronavirus, we will be providing Home Learning Guidance for each year group.

Information will be found on the Class Pages for each yeargroup.

We look forward to seeing what your child has been up to!

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General Data Protection Regulations

The Data Protection Officer for Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy is:

Nikki Minnikin

Data Sharing and Protection Officer - LOCYPS & Schools

Further details on our Contact page.

Privacy Statements

How we use pupil and school workforce information:

Privacy Notice - Pupil Information

Privacy Notice - School Workforce

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