School Aims & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We will make our school a place where children are happy and where they have fun.

Ivanhoe will be a safe, secure school where great teaching inspires children to reach their potential and achieve their ambitions.

In this place, imagination will be as important as knowledge; children will enjoy a creative, enriching curriculum with school trips they will never forget.

No child can learn and attain academic excellence unless they love their school; we will do all that is possible to help each of our children to believe, to achieve and to succeed.

Our Mission Statement is available to download.

School Aims

  • We will ensure that there is a nurturing environment in school in which all children feel happy, safe and secure.
  • We will promote excellent attendance through making school an exciting place for children.
  • We will provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum.
  • We will ensure that children have at least three educational visits each year.
  • We will offer children a range of extra curricular activities supported by all teachers as well as outside agencies.
  • We will promote self-respect as well as respect for others.
  • We will have high expectations of behaviour and consult with children to produce golden rules and guidelines.
  • We will enable children to reach their learning potential through encouraging academic excellence whilst at the same time meeting the special educational needs of all children.
  • We will encourage children to understand how they can contribute to their own health and we will promote healthy lifestyles in all aspects of school life.
  • We will ensure that children have the opportunity to make a positive contribution within the school, local and wider community and that they gain the benefits of a school comitted to community cohesion.
  • We will ensure that children have a voice in day-to-day issues within the school and that they have their say when important changes are made.
  • We will ensure that parents/carers know what their children are engaged in doing at school through carefully considered weekly homework and though other regular communication.
  • We will consult with parents/carers regularly to ensure that their voices are heard when decisions are made.
  • We will ensure that parents/carers know that they are welcome in school and that their views are important.