Buzzards - Year 4A - Mrs Slater

Welcome to Year 4A Buzzards Class.

Buzzards Class staff: ...

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle every day. We also welcome children to bring in a piece of fruit to have during fruit break (around 10am each day).

Our P.E day will be: ...

Year 4 times table target is to confidently recall and use the multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.

Within the class, children are rewarded with dojo points for a variety of things, such as: good work, displaying good behaviour, being role models, spelling test results, winner of games, manners and bringing their reading books etc. Highest point scorer will receive a prize from Mrs Slater's prize box.

Homework consists of literacy, numeracy and spellings. It will be given on a Friday and expected to be handed in on the following Friday. Parents/carers can sign the front sheet to acknowledge that they have seen it and use it for comments. Homework plays a huge role in support children's learning.

Reading is a major focus within school, please encourage your child to bring their reading book to school every day and read at home as often as possible. Children will be expected to read at home at least three times week, this can include children reading to themselves. A sticker will be awarded for every time you read at home (maximum 7 per week) you will be able to use the stickers to 'exchange' items from school, ranging from stationery to teddies.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Autumn 1 Term 2020/21

Our Y4 topic for Autumn 1 is ...

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