Phoenix - Year 4 - Mrs Kidd

Welcome to Year 4 Phoenix Class.

Phoenix Class staff: Mrs Kidd and Mrs Backhouse.

Throughout this year, we are planning to study the following topics:

  • Potions
  • Traders and raiders
  • The Blue abyss
  • Road trip USA
  • Burps, bottom and bile
  • I am warrior

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle every day. We also welcome children to bring in a piece of fruit to have during fruit break (around 10am each day).

Our P.E day will be: Tuesday. Please make sure you have full PE kit, which consists of: shorts, t-shirt, trainers or pumps and jogging/tracksuit bottoms during winter times, along with a water bottle. Although, water bottles should be brought to school every day.

Year 4 times table target is to confidently recall and use the multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.

Within the class, children are rewarded with dojo points for a variety of things, such as: good work, displaying good behaviour, being role models, spelling test results, winner of games, manners and bringing their reading books etc. Highest point scorer will receive a prize from Mrs Kidd's prize box.

Homework consists of literacy, numeracy and spellings. It will be given on a Friday and expected to be handed in on the following Friday. Parents/carers can sign the front sheet to acknowledge that they have seen it and use it for comments. Homework plays a huge role in support children'' learning.

Reading is a major focus within school, please encourage your child to bring their reading book to school every day and read at home as often as possible. Children will be expected to read at home at least three times week, this can include children reading to themselves. A sticker will be awarded for every time you read at home (maximum 7 per week) you will be able to use the stickers to 'exchange' items from school, ranging from stationery to teddies.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Home Learning during School Closure due to Covid-19 Coronavirus

Please see below some links for your child/children's home learning.

Y4 - Useful Links for Home Learning

Spring 2 Term 2019/20

Our topic is called Road Trip USA.

Buckle up, sunglasses on - we're going on a road trip across the good old US of A.

During this half term, we're going to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. We're use our map skills to navigate your way around some of the most famous landmarks and send a post card home.

We'll learn to send an email to book a day trip, asking the necessary questions.

We shall look at the history of the Iroquois Tribe; Native Americans with amazing customs and traditions; such as Dream catchers and Totem poles.

Here you can find some information about our topic, such as; the book list, glossary and home learning ideas.

Spring 1 Term 2019/20

Our topic this half term is 'Potions'.

Our Spring 1 Learning

The Y4 classes recently had a trip to the Millennium Art Gallery ...

Autumn 2 Term 2019/20

Here is the Y4 Curriculum Overview - Autumn 2 2018/19 for this half term.

Our topic is called Misty Mountain Sierra.

'Mighty mountains rise above the morning mists, imposing and eternal.'

During this half term, we're going to learn about going up in the world, noticing how the weather changes, the higher up that we are.

In the classroom, we'll use maps, information books and websites to write about where the highest mountains are found, learn how to use a compass and make 3-d mountain models, inspired by the magnificent mountains of the world.

We shall also look at the water cycle and the changing states of matter.

Here you can find some information about our topic, such as; the book list, useful facts and home learning ideas.

Our Autumn 2 Learning

Topic - Misty Mountain Sierra : During Art and design, we used a variety of techniques to create a more realistic effect. These techniques were hatching, contour hatching, cross hatching, stippling and random hatching.

Then, in class we transferred our Art skills to use on clay. First, we practised making different shapes and then we added the different techniques to create a more realistic texture.

Numeracy : In Numeracy, we worked out length and perimeter of a variety of shapes.

Autumn 1 Term 2019/20




Our Y4 topic for Autumn 1 is The Romans...

Our Autumn 1 Learning

Topic - The Romans : We have designed our own Roman shields based on what is important to us, as individuals.

These designs will be made from paper, into cardboard ones.

Numeracy - Time : At the beginning of the term, we participated in different activities to help us learn aspects of telling the time. We made a 'clock' outside on the playground, using hoops, cones, rounders poles and most importantly, ourselves.

We played games, matching the analogue clock face to the digital times, using both 12/24 hour times.

Year 4 Music Lessons

Phoenix Class currently have a brass instrument lesson once a week, taught by the Doncaster Music Service. All the children have an instrument 'on loan'. We have Cornets, Trumpets, Baritones and Euphoniums.

We sing songs and have to get our lips to relax before playing. Ask your children about the *songs we sing (click to view).

The Blue Abyss Projects

Before the Summer, Year 4 learnt all about the 'Blue Abyss'. During the holidays, the children were asked if they would like to creatively show their learning about the layers of the Ocean and what lives there.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part and for all the support from home. They were all amazing and unique. We enjoyed listening to each other presenting the projects, explaining what the projects were teaching us, as well as how they were made.