Penguin - Year 1A - Mrs Smith & Miss Booth

Welcome to the Penguin Class page.

Mrs Smith, Miss Booth, Miss Jones and Peter welcome you to the Penguin Class!

Please keeping checking on our learning journey with Mrs Smith, Miss Booth and Miss Jones during the year.

PE takes place on Friday however we encourage Penguins to keep their P.E kit in school all week. An indoor and outdoor kit is preferable as we try to go outside as much as possible.

Homework is sent every Friday and is expected back in school by the following Friday. Your child will not be able to receive 'Learner of the Week' if their homework is not returned. Look out for the dojo challenges, handwriting and 'Author of the Month' tasks as well as a recap of maths and literacy taught.

In Penguin class we are passionate about learning. One of the ways that that this can be supported at home is by reading. We endeavour to listen to your child read at least once a week and all reading books will be changed on Wednesday/Friday. If you require your child's book to be changed in addition to this, please do not hestitate to speak to a member of the class. The more you read at home and log in the reading record, the more stickers can be collected and saved to spend in the school reading shop.

We love to see any efforts of learning you complete at home or any out of school achievements, so please remember to bring these to school. We like to see our 'Proud Wall' shining!

We hope this information is helpful as you start the Year 1 adventure! We are always available at the beginning or the end of the day, so please do not hesitate to speak to us with any questions that you may have.

Home Learning during School Closure due to Covid-19 Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education - GOV.UK

Penguins 2-weekly Quiz

Hi Penguins! It's Miss Jones!

Me and Mrs Smith thought it would be fun idea to challenge your knowledge with some fun quiz questions. If you would like to have a go, send me or Mrs Smith your answers (our emails are below) and we will enter you into a draw.

Quiz 1 - Starting 29th April 2020 - Now Closed

Well done to the children who entered Quiz 1, you will all receive a prize each for taking part when we get back to school. The winner has been selected at random and they will receive an email to let them know they have won.

Quiz 2 - Starting 12th May 2020

There is a new quiz available if anyone would like to have a go, this one will be drawn on 26th May 2020.

Answers to: or

Update 01/06/20 - Summer 2 Term Home Learning - w/c 01/06/20

Hi Penguins! So it's now June and nearly the start of Summer. I think that we have been so lucky with the gorgeous weather. Have you all been having fun in the sun, eating lots of ice lollies and spending time in paddling pools? As well as school work, the Smith house has continued to have family walks, bike rides and also lots of splashing in the pool. I have even been dipping my feet when the weather has been hot! Miss Jones has been doing a spot of decorating and lots of walking to stay fit and healthy. What have you been doing to stay fit and healthy whilst we have been away from school?

Miss Jones and I have decided that we would like to hear exactly what you have been up to during our time away from school. Some of you have been in touch and this has been fantastic but we would love to hear from more of you! So your challenge this week is to get in touch! You can email us at or

There are lots of different things that you can do:

  • Make a video - tell us what you have been up to. Plan this out so that it makes sense when you are reading to us and use a clear loud perfect penguin voice.
  • Write a letter or a recount or poem - think of all the things a perfect penguin piece of writing wold contain (finger spaces, capital letters, correctly formed letters, description, full stops, conjunctions). Could you also use some time conjunctions as a challenge when writing a recount?
  • Read a story or a poem or maybe sing and perform a dance - we love to see your talents!

These are just some suggestions but I'm sure that you creative lot will come up with lots of different things. It will be nice to see how some of you have grown; there could be a missing tooth or two?

Excited to hear from you soon!

Sending hugs and smiles to you all. Missing you lots Perfect Penguins - Stay Safe.

Mrs Smith, Miss Jones and Peter xx


Here are some science investigations for you to complete at home. Make sure you have an adult helping you when you complete these. Why don't you PREDICT what you think may happen and then write up WHAT YOU FOUND OUT. Draw a picture of your OBSERVATIONS or take a photograph. Have fun!


I have attached a range of maths mats for you to put all of your maths knowledge into practise! Can you challenge yourself and go for the 3 star options?

Maths Mats
Mat 1 Mat 2 Mat 3 Mat 4 Mat 5 Mat 6
Activity Mat 1 Activity Mat 2 Activity Mat 3 Activity Mat 4 Activity Mat 5 Activity Mat 6


Attached are some reading comprehensions and stories. Share these with a grown up and answer the questions. When reading the stories, get your grown up to ask you lots of questions such as: What is the character thinking or feeling? What might happen next? Why do you think this has happened?

Happy Reading!

Update 12/05/20 - Even More Summer 1 Term Home Learning

Hola Penguins! I've decided to start the message with a Spanish greeting as I am aware some of you have started to learn Spanish whilst at home. Miss Jones and I look forward to hearing what you have learnt!

Where has the sunshine gone? It has felt very cold the last few days so fingers crossed it returns soon. I hope that you enjoyed the VE day anniversary and had lots of garden parties with your families. Did you bake any cakes or make any bunting to remember the special day? It would be lovely to hear and see what you got up to.

So on the class page, there are a few new things added for maths, literacy, topic and reading. Miss Jones has added another quiz this week, so make sure you get your entries in!! Again don't worry about what you can or can't do. The work is there if you want to use it.

Continue to stay safe, enjoy the time with your family and hopefully we will see you all very soon! Get in touch if there is anything that we can help with.


Mrs Smith, Miss Jones and Peter xx

Literacy & Topic

This half term most of our Literacy will be based around our topic of Rio de Vida. Here some more fun things for you to have a go at!

Idea 1 - Can you create your own fact file all about Brazil? What's the weather like in Brazil? Are there any famous landmarks? How is Brazil different to the UK?

Idea 2 - Imagine you're on holiday in Brazil, can you write a postcard to your family/friends/class and tell them all about your trip? Here are some ideas to think about of things to include: What have you seen? How was the weather? What fun things did you do? How did you get there? How long did it take? Don't forget to include a picture on the front!

Remember to check your writing!!

  • Has it got capital letters?
  • Has it got full stops?
  • Has it got finger spaces?
  • Is it your best handwriting?

Idea 3 & 4 - Here are some pictures of famous landmarks in Brazil, can you draw the other half of a picture? Have a think back to when we did our family portraits, we used the pencil in lots of different ways. Some parts were lighter and some were darker so we had to press on hard or soft. Sometimes we used the side of the pencil and sometimes we used the tip. You decide how you can use your pencil to create your masterpiece!

Maybe you could create your own model of one of the famous landmarks? Be as creative as you like! We would love to see them!!


Reading and SpaG

Update 27/04/20 - More Summer 1 Term Home Learning

Hey Penguins! Mrs Smith again! Hope everyone is well?

The sunshine has been beautiful over the past couple of weeks and Miss Jones and I hope that you have enjoyed lots of playing and exploring with your families. Remember at all times to stay safe!

If you are still looking at some of the work that was posted previously; don't worry! I am setting some new things but REMEMBER - Don't put lots of pressure on yourselves to do this. It is here if you want it. What Miss Jones and I want is for you all to stay well and enjoy this time with your family.

Our email addresses are below if there is anything that you need, just get in touch.

Keep smiling! Love,

Mrs Smith, Miss Jones and Peter xx

There are also some new online activities that can also support your learning:


Reading and SpaG

Literacy and Topic

Summer 1 Term Home Learning

Hey Perfect Penguins! It's Mrs Smith here! Hope you're all well and that you and your families are all staying safe?

Miss Jones and I are missing you all very much and it has been lovely to see what you have all been up to on the Facebook page. Looks like you are all having plenty of fun!

Miss Jones and I have been keeping in touch while we are away from school and I know that she has been very busy doing lots of reading and walking for her daily exercise. The Smith house has also had a busy few weeks! We have been doing lots of school work, crafts and staying fit. We have made some lovely salt dough decorations, done lots of baking and painting, tidying the garden in the lovely sunshine as well as keeping in touch with grandparents and family over the internet.

Although it is the Easter break (and we hope you are not eating too much chocolate), Miss Jones and I have added some new pieces of work for after your holiday. We really do not want you to worry about this and think you have to do it; it is there if you want it. We just want you to stay safe and well with your families.

If you do decide to do the work, don't worry if you are unable to print things, use paper, notepads or take photographs of the things that you do. We would love to hear about ANYTHING that you do!

Keep busy and well and stay safe. I'll be in touch again soon.

Love and virtual hugs,

Mrs Smith, Miss Jones and Peter Penguin.

If anyone would like to send us any work our emails are... and







Spring 2 Term Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have put together an overview of the key focuses in Year 1 from spring term to summer term. Please read through and continue to support your child's learning on a daily basis. Thank you for your support.

Year 1 Team

Y1 - Penguins and Peacocks - Guide to Learning from Home

Spring 1 Term



Our topic for Spring 1 is 'Memory Box'.

Maths: Addition and Subtraction, Time and Place Value.

Literacy: Story Writing and Poetry.


Autumn 2 Term


Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Moon Zoom'.

Numeracy: Place Value and Measurement.

Literacy: Story Writing and Poetry.

Class Visit: The Dome - Multiskills.


Our Autumn 2 Learning

In Autumn 2 we have been working on producing our own space inspired story using 'The Way Back Home' as a basis for our writing.

We have continued to work with ordering numbers and starting to look at measurement.

Preparations for Christmas were upon us and we completed various activities as well as our fantastic Nativity; 'The Inn-Spectors'.

We loved having grown ups come and watch our dance routine that we had worked on in P.E as well as listening to some Christmas songs that we had learnt.

Autumn 1 Term


Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'.

Numeracy: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Shape.

Literacy: Letter and Diary Writing, Character Descriptions and Fact Files.

Class Visit: Twycross Zoo.


Our Autumn 1 Learning

We have had a great start to the term! We have continued to show how we can count within 20 and beyond as well as using our knowledge of counting to support addition and subtraction.

'The Treasury of Beatrix Potter' has become a firm favourite of Penguin Class and we have loved listening to the stories of Peter Rabbit and his friends. We even found Peter Rabbit hiding in Mr Brian's office!

To finish of the term, we visited Twycross Zoo and had a wonderful day seeing a variety of animals as part of our topic.

Thank you again to all the grown ups who support our express day at school; this was huge success and hope you enjoyed it as much as us!