Peacocks - Year 1 - Mrs Matthews & Mrs Pendlebury

Year 1 Home Learning during School Closure due to Covid-19 Coronavirus

Peacock Class Quiz

Hello Peacocks.

We thought it would be a nice idea to have a little fun game.

Here is a Class Quiz for you to play.

Have a go and email your answers to me at

I will be awarding prizes for all entries when we come back to school.

There will also be one lucky winner of an extra prize.

I'm looking forward to reading your answers.

Update 08/06/20 - Summer 2 Week 2 Home Learning

Hello Peacocks, this unit of work is all about addition and subtraction problems to 20.

Don't forget to read the questions carefully so they don't trick you out. You can use lots of objects from around the house to help you. Some ideas include; pasta, coins, bottle tops, bun cases.

I have also added a challenge page for you to really knock your grownups socks off! Can you complete it?

Remember you can email me your work at




Update 01/06/20 - Summer 2 Term Home Learning

Hello Peacocks, Mrs Matthews here again.

This weekend has been exciting because of the SpaceX launch. Myself and Mr Matthews watched the space shuttle cross the sky this weekend which was fascinating! I wonder if you stayed up and watched it at home?

This week's literacy is based on space exploration because of this. Here is a video of the space launch if you missed it!



I hope you have lots of fun making your poems! You can always email to me at:
I can put these on our class page!

Stay safe and Best wishes

Mrs Matthews

Update 18/05/20 - More Summer 1 Term Home Learning

Hello Peacocks! I hope you are all well! Here are a few ideas you can use at home in your learning.


This block is based on measurement of length and height/ weight and volume.

Here is a link to the white rose home learning website that has weekly updates and follows the school curriculum: You can use lots of practical things around your house in your learning. Including scales, tape measures, pasta, paperclips, pots, jugs etc.

Here are some resources you can use to aid this learning at home:



Your tasks this time are based on 'The Zoo Vet' eBook. You can decode some of the words in this book or maybe even all of them! If you find it tricky to read, ask a grown up to read it to you and help them to answer questions about the story. I have added some linked activities based on the eBook including a reading comprehension quiz and a writing activity.


I have loved hearing from you via email about what you have been up to at home and you can still email me updates if you wish! My email address is:

Stay safe and Best wishes

Mrs Matthews

Update 27/04/20 - More Summer 1 Term Home Learning

Hello Peacocks! It's Mrs Matthews again! I hope you are all safe and keeping entertained at home!

This week it has been my birthday and me and my little girls had afternoon tea with scones and cakes! My little girls are loving playing with playdough which is fantastic for fine motor skills! I will attach a playdough recipe I use a lot you can make with just hot water. Please make sure a grown up makes the playdough!

I have also been singing online with my friends in a virtual choir you could join the junior choir I will put details on the school Facebook page!

I would love to hear what you are up to at home you can email me directly at: or I do keep checking the school Facebook page too!

Home Learning Links


Summer 1 Term Home Learning

Hey Proud Peacocks! It's Mrs Matthews here! Hope you're all well and that you and your families are all staying safe?

Mrs Pendlebury and I are missing you all very much and it has been lovely to see what you have all been up to on the Facebook page. Looks like you are all having plenty of fun!

Mrs Pendlebury and I have been keeping in touch while we are away from school and I know that she has been very busy doing lots of playing, reading and walking for her daily exercise. The Matthews house has also had a busy few weeks! We have been doing lots of baking, crafts, building dens, decorating eggs and playing in the garden in the lovely sunshine as well as keeping in touch with grandparents and family over the internet. Miss Moseley is reading lots of books and organising quizzes! Miss Simpson and Mrs Ryan are enjoying time with their families.

Although it is the Easter break (and we hope you are not eating too much chocolate), Mrs Pendlebury and I have added some new pieces of work for after your holiday. We have made some literacy, maths and topic tasks that you can choose from. We really do not want you to worry about this and think you have to do it; it is there if you want it. We just want you to stay safe and well with your families.

If you do decide to do the work, don't worry if you are unable to print things, use paper, notepads or take photographs of the things that you do. We would love to hear about ANYTHING that you do!

Keep busy and well and stay safe. I'll be in touch again soon.

Love and virtual hugs,

Mrs Matthews, Mrs Pendlebury, Miss Moseley, Mrs Ryan and Miss Simpson

If anyone would like to send us any work our emails are... and


Here is also a link to the Government's list of home learning resources:

Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education - GOV.UK




Spring 2 Term Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have put together an overview of the key focuses in Year 1 from spring term to summer term. Please read through and continue to support your child's learning on a daily basis. Thank you for your support.

Year 1 Team

Y1 - Penguins and Peacocks - Guide to Learning from Home

Welcome to Year 1!

Keep checking on our learning journey with Mrs Matthews and Mrs Pendlebury throughout the year.

PE is on a Tuesday. Please can you ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE kit as we often go outside for PE - even in the cold weather. This should include appropriate footwear i.e. pumps or trainers. We also participate in the daily mile each afternoon, therefore having appropriate footwear in school throughout the week is ideal.

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle every day. We also provide children with a piece of fruit each day.

Homework goes out on a Friday and is due back the following Friday. Your child cannot get 'Learner of the Week' if they haven't brought it back! If your child's homework is brought back on time, they will receive 5 DOJOs for determination.

Within the class, children are also rewarded with dojo points for a variety of things which reflect the school's learning behaviours; Independence, Determination, Pride, Respect, Curiosity and Resilience. The highest point scorer will receive a prize from 'The Friday Prize Pot' each week.

In Peacocks Class, we are passionate about all our learning! One way we can really improve our learning at home is by reading. Your child is listened to at least once a week. Each child has a set reading day, check with Mrs Matthews or Mrs Pendlebury if you have forgotten your child's reading day. It is important that their reading book and reading record is in school on this day to ensure it can be changed and that their stickers can be updated (records needs to be signed if your child has read).

If your child's reading book needs changing, place it in the blue tray. We also participate in one hour of reading each morning and a guided reading session per week. Your child can read any books/ texts at home alongside school reading books and these can be written in the reading diaries too! We encourage this to ensure our children love what they read!

If you have any questions about your child's progress or learning, please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Bentley, Mrs Smith or Miss Moseley and we look forward to sharing this learning with you ...

Things you might like to download:

100 Books To Read In Key Stage 1

Autumn 2 Term


Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Moon Zoom'.

Numeracy: Place Value and Measurement.

Literacy: Story Writing and Poetry.

Class Visit: The Dome - Multiskills.


Our Autumn 2 Learning

Our topic this term has started with a bang! We discovered an alien craft in the hall that we had to investigate the children looked for clues to find the missing alien pilot.

This half term we will investigate scientifically around the materials found at the crash site and even making our own space music!

Here are some pictures of our fantastic Mathematicians showing their comparing skills with length and height. We used non-standard measures to measure objects around the classroom and even a teacher or two!

Autumn 1 Term


Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'.

Numeracy: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Shape.

Literacy: Letter and Diary Writing, Character Descriptions and Fact Files.

Class Visit: Twycross Zoo.


Our Autumn 1 Learning

We have had a great start to the term! We have continued to show how we can count within 20 and beyond as well as using our knowledge of counting to support addition and subtraction.

This half term we have been reading tales from the Beatrix Potter treasury in Peacocks Class and we have loved listening to the stories of Peter Rabbit and his friends. Peter Rabbit went missing, his mother and his friends sent letters to our class for us to help solve the mystery. Peter was found safe and well snuggled up in Mr Brian's office.

To finish off the term, we visited Twycross Zoo and had a wonderful day seeing a variety of animals as part of our topic.

Thank you again to all the grown ups who supported our express day at school; this was huge success and hope you enjoyed it as much as us!