Squirrels / Hedgehogs - Mrs Mills / Mrs Hutton

Welcome to Reception / Reception B

Welcome to Hedgehogs and Squirrels class page. Keep your eye on our page for all the exciting learning we will be doing in Reception.

Our PE day is Monday. Please remember to bring your outdoor and indoor kit and a pair of suitable footwear.

Homework will be given out on Fridays to be returned the following Friday. Please remember your book bags every day and if you need a new book put it in the box provided.

Reading books also need to be in school daily and will be changed once a week.

Remember our learning starts at 8:40 and ends at 3:15. If you have any questions regarding the children's learning please don't hesitate to ask one of our adults.

Mrs Mills and Mrs Hutton

Spring 2 - Trip to The Tropical Butterfly House

Our Spring 1 Learning

Spring 1 started off with an exciting WHOOSH as we delved into the world of superheroes and villains. The children had lots of fun designing their own villains and heroes and solving the crimes of the dreadful Evil Pea and mystical magnet man!

After an adventure filled two weeks we looked more closely at the lives of everyday heroes in our community; the children loved the visits from our own parents as they described the wonderful jobs they do as policemen, firefighters, lollipop ladies and nurses.

Our final two weeks have been an exciting adventure into outer space, which started with a visit from the amazing space dome, some pastel planet pictures and a great big papier-mâché experiment. News to follow on how these turned out ...

We had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year and even learnt how to say a special greeting, "Kung Hei Fat Choi".

Our Autumn 2 Learning


What a start to the new term!

Here we are making our own firework pictures exploring how we can use chalk to show what we see and hear.

Can you see the loud fireworks?


We also learnt about the soldiers and how we remember them by wearing poppies. Here we are making our own poppies...


The children have been learning lots of interesting things during our Polar topic; they had lots of fun learning about the different animals and where they lived.

Here they are making a penguin (from the Antarctic) and a polar bear (from the Artic).



The children have also learnt a lot about the Inuits who live in the polar region; they learnt about the different food and clothes they need to have and they had lots of fun making sugar cube igloos, igloo chalk pictures and a giant igloo collage.


We were very lucky to have a visit from some animals this term. The children were really brave holding and stroking the different animals; here they are with a snake, gecko, tortoise and skunk!

The most exciting part about this term was Christmas. We had lots of fun getting ready; writing and posting letters, making cards, decorating trees, practising for the nativity and enjoying a visit from Santa!

Our Autumn 1 Learning

A great start to our 'Ahoy there, Mateys' topic. We had lots of fun making lots of pirate things including a treasure map and a pirate hat! The children also made us really proud with the homework they had done about pirates over the holidays!

During our pirate topic we thought about the different materials pirates would need, what they might need them for and which would be the best?

Unfortunately not all the pirates we met were good guys! Captain Red Beard locked up our TV and hid the keys! We had to follow the clues to find the missing keys; then we unlocked the TV and got on with our learning! PHEW!

Finally, we finished our pirate topic with a great Pirate Party! We all got dressed up and had a great time being pirates. We made our own telescopes, walked the plank and played lots of pirate games. We even had a tasty treat of pirate 'hotdog' boats, walk the plank 'chocolate biscuits' and cannon ball 'cheese ball crisps' . It was delicious and just what our hungry pirates needed! Ooh Arghh!


At the end of Autumn 1 we started our new topic 'Once upon a time...' where we looked closely at different stories. The children enjoyed lots of different activities which were based on the stories to help them gain a better understanding.

Here they are racing as the Hare and the Tortoise, guess who won!


They also had lots of fun exploring different types of food; from tasting different breads made in Little Red Hen to making turnip and vegetable soup from the Enormous turnip. The children really enjoyed visiting the kitchen to prepare some of the vegetables and it was very tasty!


The end of the term was full of exciting festivals and activities. For Halloween, we explored pumpkins and were very excited to dress up for the school's Halloween disco.

We also learnt all about Diwali - the festival of lights. Here we are making our very own diva lamps using salt dough.


Induction / Summer 2

The children settled quickly into reception and even enjoyed a trip to Cusworth Hall to compare our own homes to a stately home. We even had time for an icy treat and a play on the park!