Where did the holidays go?

The first day back in September is such a special day for teachers and children alike – it is a day when we can look back to the freedom of the holidays and look forward to a brilliant year ahead: I was greeted with ‘Happy New Year’ by a member of staff this morning, and I know what they meant.

I had a fabulous holiday in Norfolk with my boys; the weather was great and we were on the beach every day, almost up to sunset. We also went camping…when it rained all night, and I went to London with Stella to see a play in the Globe Theatre.

What did you get up to? What was the best part of the holidays for you…holidays can never be as much fun as school, but they give us some happy memories – please share them.


64 thoughts on “Where did the holidays go?

  1. My best part of the holiday is the lake district. We went for bike rides, chilling and going on the raft.

  2. We went to Clifton Park for a day and I loved it on the roller coaster with my Brother! We went on the rides and then I changed into my swimming costumes and went in the paddling pool and the fountains, it was great fun especially as it was a really hot day. We went to Fountains Abbey which was brilliant, it took ages to explore the ruins and we saw deer up close. We went to York for a day trip and went on a River Cruise where we learned a lot about the history of buildings and that Guy Fawkes went to a school there! We also went to Devon for a week. We stayed in Torquay which was lovely and we went to Paignton and Paignton Zoo, Brixham & Teignmouth. I swam a lot in the sea and Alex cut his foot in two places on a rock! We had a great time even though it was a long way and we got stuck in traffic. It took 7 hours to get there!


  3. The best part of my holidays was going to Barnsley Metrodome! I went on the small slides with my little sister then on the big red slide on my own. Then i also enjoyed listening to the football match on the radio while eating a Mcdonalds.

  4. These holidays, I have been to Skegness with my uncle, Chloe and my cousin, Cameron. We had lots of fun: we went on rides – because I went on the volcano ride for the first time, and I went on it six times in a row! I went on the ride that has the name beginning with M – it’s yellow and purple.
    Jump Inc: I was very excited for that day because I was going with Eve Cairns. When we got there,, me and Eve picked a table, then we had to watch a new safety video ( we went on the new Jump Inc inflatables). It was so tiring jumping around for so long. After about one hour, we ( me, my nan, my mum and Eve) had something to eat and then we played again. I was dripping with sweat.
    My Ears: I have wanted my second holes done for ages. I really wanted it done so my mum said yes – so we went to the shop called Body Art. When it was my turn, I picked silver earrings and it didn’t hurt.

  5. In the six week holidays, it was my birthday. We went to Wheelgate. I went on rides and the park.

  6. Dear Mr Brian,
    I had so much fun in the six week holidays. I went to Whitby. It was so fun.

  7. I went to Boston Park and fed lots of animals including, alpacas, sheep and lots more. There were play areas everywhere – even a mini-maze and a giant crop-maze (you will enjoy it if you go with your boys) there is also bunny and guinea pig holding too…the food is £1 for 4 bags.

  8. In the holiday it was my birthday. I got football kit, goalie gloves, football socks and shin-pads and some more nice presents. We went on holiday to Wales. First, we watched the boats go into the sea and then went into town to the arcade and we went to the boat house and then we walked around town.

  9. I went to Kos holiday village for 2 weeks for my cousins wedding. I was a bridsmaid, Amelie B was 1 too. 47 of us went. I went horse riding & completed an aerial adventure course. 😺Amelie H

  10. I had a lovely holiday I went to simply skate for my cousins birthday party It was so fun that day Learnt how to roller-skate It was the best.Next we went to mcdonalds I had a big mac.This holiday was sooooo great.Thank you for listening Mr Brian.

  11. For my holiday I went to butlins with my nan,brother and my mum we went to the arcades I also got my hair braided

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