Where did the holidays go?

The first day back in September is such a special day for teachers and children alike –Β it is a day when we can look back to the freedom of the holidays and look forward to a brilliant year ahead: I was greeted with ‘Happy New Year’ by a member of staff this morning, and I know what they meant.

I had a fabulous holiday in Norfolk with my boys; the weather was great and we were on the beach every day, almost up to sunset. We also went camping…when it rained all night, and I went to London with Stella to see a play in the Globe Theatre.

What did you get up to? What was the best part of the holidays for you…holidays can never be as much fun as school, but they give us some happy memories – please share them.


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  1. hi mr brian, i agree.
    year 7 went waaaaaay too quick!! i cant believe im already becoming year 8 in 2 days! the holidays go so slow for me, though… i wish they were just a little shorter..
    amy lee [y8, old student]

  2. at the moment, i am actually at longshaw estate, after walking around on a route going through burbage brook.

    amy lee, again

  3. Hi Mr Brian!
    We went to York and me and my dad went geocashing in thryghber country park. We have been out alot and had so much fun!

    I miss Ivanhoe and wish I could come back to see everyone again. Hope everyone is good! Just in car now coming back from Longshaw estate!

    From Cara Y7 to be…

  4. In my summer holidays I went to Bridlington and I got a massive burger πŸ” and hobnob ice cream 🍦 then I went to the shop and got a fishing rod on the next day I went to Filey and got fish and chips 🐟

  5. We went to skeggyness for a week . We had lots of fun. We went on the fair and to the beach .
    We stopped in a caravan , the weather was amazing ,

  6. it was our little bro’s bday we went to Yorkshire wildlife park. we enjoyed it.

  7. In the summer holidays I found out I’m having a baby sister and also I went to the caravan but I missed school but I’m happy to be back. Freya price Phoenix Class Y4. I πŸ’– school

  8. I went abroad for the
    first time and I loved it

    Tilly bob (Roberts)


  9. In my holidays I have done lots of fun things!! My favourite things I’ve done was wheelgate water park and crabbing at Scarborough!! I caught 5 big crabs πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€πŸ¦€.

  10. Hi Mr Brian,

    We went to London and stayed in a Premier Inn to go to the famous Harry Potter Studios. We collected 13 golden snitches and 6 stamps. My favourite part was seeing platform 9 3/4.


  11. I went to Skegness with my mum and we went to the arcades the beach and to Fantasy Island. There was also more of my family there. I really enjoyed my summer holiday.

    By Grace Rodgers Y6

  12. We had lots of fun this summer holidays. We went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw the Polar bears and lions, its was brilliant. Glad to back at school though.

  13. Hi Mr Brian

    During the holidays, I went to Flamingo Land and it was fabulous 😊 My favourite ride was the log flume. We got soaking wet! I also went on the big wheel. It was really high. After that, I went on a high ride where we were shot up in the air – really fast!
    Also, I went to Majorca. I went in the pool and it was really fun. I had a surf board. πŸ„πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
    I also played in a football tournament and my team won. The trophy was really big. βš½οΈπŸ†

  14. Over the holidays I went camping with my cousins to Northumberland. About half an hour away we broke down so we had to hire a van so we were on the road for 8hrs! It will definitely be a holiday to remember.

    Isla Chambers y6

  15. I went camping for the weekend 😴I had fish and chips and played in the park the we went in a(small) tent I made two friends Charlie and Georgia!I have fun and I loved it!πŸ˜€πŸ˜

    Libby McCluskie Y5

  16. I went to Greece for 2 weeks. There were about 50 of us altogether, for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was on the beach. I was a bridesmaid. The day after we got home it was my birthday and I got a new bike. Then last weekend my big sister got married and I was a bridesmaid again. I really liked it. I had a great summer. The only bad part was when I sprained my ankle and could not walk on it for a week.

  17. Hi Mr Brian

    I went to my Nanan’s caravan over the holidays. On the day that my mummy came we went a funfair and it was really exciting because there were rides called cliffhanger and sizzler. I went on both and it was really scary but fun at the same time.

  18. I went to Greece for 2 weeks. There were about 50 of us altogether, for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was on the beach. I was a bridesmaid. The day after we got home it was my birthday and I got a new bike. Then last weekend my big sister got married and I was a bridesmaid again. I really liked it. I had a great summer. The only bad part was when I sprained my ankle and could not walk on it for a week.

    Amelie Bond, Puffin class

  19. In the summer holidays I went to the forbidden corner with my Aunty and my mum it was scary and we got sprayed a lot. 3 weeks ago me and Tabitha went swimming at the Metro-dome,we had a great time. For the first time, I went to London for a night. I went loads of places but I can’t name them all. This is the end of my blog.

  20. Hi mr Brian I found out that I was going to be a big sister I was so excited then after a few days we went on holiday to Tenerife it was so hot

    By Tegan

  21. I enjoyed the summer holidays. My favourite part was going to York Maze and holding a baby owl. πŸ¦‰

  22. Dear mr Brian
    In the six week holidays I went to
    Cleethorpes – we stayed at Thorpe Park in a really nice caravan there were lots of things to do like the slots,swimming,golf, going to the beach and playing on the park.
    Cornwall – I went camping in bude,Cornwall i went with my friends Iona and Joe and there mum Hope it was really fun I liked going and playing on the park but it took about six hours to get there and back I would definitely go again but it was hard putting the tent up.
    kingswood -I went stayed for two nights and we did lots of fun activities like archery 🏹 rock climbing πŸ§—β€β™€οΈRafting, mini Olympics,fencing and toasted marshmallows I went with Miss Bush,Miss Scot ,Miss Hutton,Steph,Morgan,Ali,Libby,Millie,Jack,Tyler,Hollie and Tabitha we all had fun.
    Creswell crags-I stayed there mon-fri because there was a summer club on we did lots of fun things and made two new friends my new friends are Lidia and eada and the fun things we did were den building,holding birdsπŸ₯survival skills and bug hunting.
    Cinema- we went to the cinema twice one to watch hotel Transylvania three and the other to watch incredibles two I loved both of the films but incredibles two was my favourite.

    By Demi-leigh corbett Y5/6

  23. Hi Mr Brian

    In the holidays I did 2 dancing competitions where I won 5 medals in total. I always spent a week at the holiday club at dancing where we put The Wizard of Oz show for our families to watch. I have had lots of days put to the seaside, many parks and to Kirklees railways. Its been a fun 6 weeks but I am glad to be back school starting year 3.

    Daisy Ball

  24. In the 6 week holidays i went to Bridlington for three week. On mondays i went to fair and somtimes i had an icecream, on tuesdays i went to cinema had some popcorn, Wednesdays i went to the Hollywood and Cricket then got a slush,
    On thursdays we got some toys then the next day we went to the arcade we got lots of stuff on saturdays we played with our toys and sundays we watched a film then the last saturday we went home.

  25. I went to St. Ives in the holidays and I enjoyed going to the beach with my family.
    Jacob Hinchliffe Y5

  26. Dear Mr Brian my holidays were great I went to my mum and dads wedding and great Yarmouth

  27. Dear Mr Brian my holidays were great I went to my mum and dads wedding and great Yarmouth

    By Kian

  28. Dear Mr Brian We have a fun filled 6 weeks holiday! Me and my family rid bikes the majority of the holidays ensuring we had lots of excersize! I helped my mother with the daily household jobs and shopping. In order to make sure that I was still learning I read everyday and also did my workbooks, another fun day would include drawing and coulorings.

  29. I enjoyed a family holiday to Greece. My big cousin got married there. We went on a horse ride along the beach and had fun in the pool and sea. I miss holiday!

  30. I enjoyed the holidays I went on holiday with my mum and auntie and had a good time, I have also enjoyed seeing my cousins.
    Ethan Sutcliffe

  31. During the holidays we have been to lots of fun places. One of our favourites was going to the Lake District and staying in a yurt! We went caving and on a long bike ride while we were there. It was really good.

  32. For my holiday we visited family in London and I learnt about my cockney roots. Spent some amazing quality time with my brothers, sisters & my mum visiting the tourist attractions of London and made some amazing memories. While we were there I embarked on the Summer reading Challenge reading everywhere.

  33. I went on holiday with my nan nan and granddad and we went to the theatre and we also went to the beach.

  34. In the school holidays I went on an aeroplane for two weeks to Turkey with all of my family. When we got there, I did lots of fun things with my sister.

  35. I have enjoyed my six weeks off because we went on lots of walks in Edlington Woods and went to Chatsworth County Fair.

  36. During the six weeks holiday, me, my mum and my brother (Oliver) and my dad went swimming at the Medtrodome. We had lots of fun. First, me and Oliver had a breath holding challenge: I won. Then we both had a race on the slides: he won. After that, me and my dad went on the diving board. I went first and I thought it was so much fun – then it was my dad’s turn and he made it wobble a lot and I actually thought it was pretty funny! We had a great time!

  37. Hi Mr Brian,
    I have been swimming, riding my bike, and I have been to Vue. Then it was Joseph’s birthday. We have had BBQs. We went on holiday to Malinhouse Hotel in Wales. We went to Folly Farm and Dinosaur Land. Afterwards, we visited family. I enjoyed the holiday!

  38. I went on holiday to Cleethorpes and it took us ages to find our caravan but then we went to the beach and we caught some crabs. The next day we went to the rides. We then went to another beach so that our dog could go on it because we brought our dog.

  39. I went to Cornwall. I really enjoyed it. We went to Bodmin Jail – we drove a boat. We also went to a bird zoo and we fed the birds. The birds flew on my mum’s head. We went body-boarding as well.

  40. I went to Skegness for one day and I went to Clifton Park and I went on the rides and the swings and the slide and I went on the sand and I built a sand castle and I went in the water and I splashed my dad with water and we went to the shops and we went home…

  41. Over the holidays, we went to see Nana and Grampa’s house and one day Lauren and Nana went to Asda and saw Tilly and the boys who came from Hong Kong. Last week, we went on a cruise called the Azura.

  42. I really enjoyed the summer holidays! My family and I went to Chester zoo for my birthday, it was great seeing all the animals. We went for days out at Cusworth Hall and Clifton Park too.

    Isabella Brown Y3

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