Vandalism at school – and new building work…

It was really sad to go into school today to see the vandalism that has taken place recently. Some children (but not from Ivanhoe) have smashed windows, broken television aerials, climbed on the roofs, smashed slates and gutters, trashed the allotment greenhouse and slashed the canopy by Reception. It is hard to believe that children could do that – or that parents could have such little control over their children that they could allow them to do that! It is really, really sad. The good news is that the school’s neighbours were very quick to call the police who helped to stop the damage. Thank you to all those people who keep a watchful eye on the school and who help to keep it secure from mindless vandalism.

However, it was lovely to go into school and chat to all the teachers – oh yes, teachers are often in throughout the holidays. It was also lovely to see the work being done in school – the area around Miss Burnham’s and Mr Else’s classrooms is being turned into an extra support room and an office for Mrs Wild and Mrs Earnshaw. And Mrs Earnshaw’s class is having an extra room attached to it so that the Y6 can be taught in two separate classes. So the KS2 end will look really different in September!

I have to confess that I am looking forward to the new term starting – I completely tidied my office today and changed all the displays ready for Ofsted when they finally get round to visiting us in September. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their break.

22 thoughts on “Vandalism at school – and new building work…

  1. Hello Mr Brian. When my Mum read your blog to me, I was very sad to hear what’s been happening to our school. It must have been really upsetting for you and all the teachers as well. It makes me angry thinking about it and what kind of people would do this.

    I am missing all my friends at school and I’m looking forward to being back soon. Today we went to The Deep but it was a bit disappointing really. I did like the swordfish and the stingrays though. Then we went to Cusworth Hall and fed the ducks, which was nice.

  2. It is sad to see that some children are capable of doing such damage to a school,Thankyou mr brian for your comment to anthony yesterday it really cheered him up we can’t travel with him yet he is in to much pain we hope that teachers and students are enjoying holidays

  3. Mr Brian why woudel someone or some gang do that to are school its so bad .why woudel any pearants let there children do that.No one or gang shoud do that.Childron are so bad that’s why they do that.

  4. You are right, Bethany, it is awful. Still, the school will soon look beautiful again and we can get on with enjoying the new term – less than two weeks now!

  5. Hiya MR Brian
    How can kids do this sort of thing its so sad its the parents fault they should keep the kids under control, we should have camras around our school like our Church ,that got vandalise.We will do some found raising to buy camras for our school.
    love Rebecca.

  6. Well. I think it is sad if you need CCTV – I think the local community would be the best guardians of our school.

    Hey, Rebecca you have just made the 1,500th blog on the school web site. 1,500 blogs – how brilliant!!

  7. Rebecca just said what do I get for helping our school get up to 1,500th blogs? she is jumping around the kitchen saying wow that is a lot of blogs. then she said we will get it up to 2,500,so kids keep doing blogs for our school.
    from Rebecca

  8. Well, we will have to get Rebecca something – I am sure I will be reminded at the beginning of term! Thanks for all the blogs, Rebecca!

  9. From Alex’s Mum

    A few parents are wondering how come 2 more training days have been added to the holidays without informing parents. As far as everyone knew, school re-opens 3rd September and now it’s 7th September! Not everyone has the internet so won’t know the dates have changed. This is inconvenient for us parents that work that now have to re-arrange care for our children.

  10. Please ignore the last post Mr Brian, seems we were looking at next years dates!!!!!

  11. Yes – we should have removed those dates from the web site by now! I have just emailed the web site manager – you had me worried for a minute!

  12. Hi Joe
    My cousin she lives in fullwood Sheffield her daughter is your daughters friend they call her BETH WALMSLEY they call my cousin RUTH WALMSLEY.I’ve been to Sheffield to get Rebecca some new shoes from Clark’s.Few days ago I bought Rebecca a new coat from the Mountain shop its a very warm coat.Rebecca said she will come and see you when we go over to my cousins house.See you Thursday . From Bev

  13. Hi Mr Brian
    Today been to Sheffield shopping we just love Sheffield we have been to the out doors shop on Bramall lane.we have been looking for another tent,then we went to the Decathlon shop at the bottom of the moor.The school holidays have gone so quick.Its been nearly one year since I had pneumonia my best hospital was sheffield childrens I loved it there.See you on Rebecca Blower.

  14. School is now looking pretty complete – people have worked very hard to get it just right. I am looking forward to Thursday as well!

  15. Hi Mr Brian
    My mum and my self have just come back from Ringinglow we have been to fly my kite we had good fun,then we went down Abbydale road to Millhouses park it was packed lots of people we had a great bank holiday.My mum said if the school could have another week off or even Thursday and friday off the holidays have gone so quick.
    love from Rebecca Blower.

  16. Hi Mr Brian
    I am looking forward to starting back at school on Thursday I have got new shoes from Clarke’s and a new coat from the Mountain shop.Today we are going to my mums cousin who lives at fulwood then we are going to Millhouses park again I love it there.See you on Thursday with my new clothes on and a big smile.

  17. Dear Ivanhoe

    it make me sick when something happens like that specially to a great school like yours sometime you wonder why people do such horrible things like that but a bit ago I went up to Ivanhoe and everything has changed it a much happier and safer place now and im glad:] i can’t believe its been two years everything’s going so fast

    From Courtney :]:]:]

  18. when i went there nothing like that never happened I remember a couple of bad things happened but not like that its a big shock

  19. mr joe brian was great he is still great now I bet I send my regards to him

    callum rowe
    was a student at Ivanhoe

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