Upcoming Retirements…

When people read today’s homework they will see that Mrs Harris and Mrs Earp are both retiring within the next couple of weeks. Mrs Harris will have her last day this Thursday (31st March) and Mrs Earp will leave at the end of term (8th April). It is amazing to think that Mrs Harris has been at this school for 27 years and Mrs Earp for 41 years!!! Most children in the school have been in Nursery so they know Mrs Earp – and every child who has had a school dinner or who has been to a school disco knows Mrs Harris.

I think it would be lovely for Mrs Harris, who is going to France, and Mrs Earp, who is going to Japan, to be able to read the school blog and be able to see how grateful we are to them. Please write something nice about how they have helped you and then for years to come the comments will still be on our blog and both Mrs Earp and Mrs Harris will be able to remind themselves of how much we miss them!

84 thoughts on “Upcoming Retirements…

  1. hi mr b mrs harris is so kind doase she have to leave. when i did nitting mrs harris was so helpful.mrs eurp use to teach me in nursery and she made it so fun and she made me enjoy myself.

  2. mrs harris is a lovely women and mrs earp is lovely wormen too and there both are nice and kind and done have done a lot of good thing at our school in conisbrough….
    🙂 :-d

  3. hi mr b you ok? iwill miss mrs eurp and mrs harris they are both so kind. when mrs eurp was stuck on holaday my cuson said i will go and rescue her. doase she have to go.

  4. hi mr brain i can rember when miss earp teached me and my mum ,my 2 auntis and kendall benton and they and i say she is relly nice i hope she comes back to vist. also i rember when miss harris wes my dinner landy in the infants she was a relly good dinner lady. thank you for the disco’s THANK YOU love from charley jay steward 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉

  5. hi mr b mrs harris is realy kind and one of my best dinner lady.When it is a disco she alwas makes it fun and she is a great nitter.I will miss her so much.Mrs eurp is so so kind. when mrs eurp was stuck on holaday my cuson liked her so much he said i will go and rescue her. i will miss them so much

  6. Mrs Earp :- Well, I have known Mrs Earp since i was in Nursery 13 years ago and i am now 16 years old :O !!! I loved her lots, she helped me and she was GREAT to talk to when I had any problems with anything. Mrs Harris: – I know Mrs Harris when I was in Brownies, when I was 7. She was funny and kind, and lovable to others. Can’t believe my favourite TEACHERS are leaving 🙁 you will sure be missed, but good luck in the future. xxx

  7. Mrs Earp : – mrs earp i will miss her loads when shes not at school but i will pop in and see her, i have been cleaning for her 13 years, i will also miss her smiling face, as she always walks round with a smile on her face and cheers people up. Mrs Harris: – i have know her since Amy was in brownies 9 years, i will miss her very much, i will miss her at knitting club. everyone will miss her when shes not at brownies. it’s going to be sad not seeing the two lovable people around Ivanhoe, they will be missed and we love them loads BEV!:) xxx

  8. HI Mr Brian
    my auntie Laurie was taught by Mrs Earp and so was my uncle Brian and my brother Jordan and me.We all thought that she was wonderful teacher and we would like to say thank you for all the things you have taught us.
    Mrs Harris is wonderful just like Mrs Earp when i see her my face lights up with joy and we both like talking to each other in the dinning hall.
    I would like to say thank you.

  9. Mrs Erp was very nice to me when I first started nursery she took care of all my friends and me. 🙂

  10. Mr b
    we all will miss Mrs Harris and Mrs Earp and i hope you come back and see us all Mrs Harris and Mrs Earp and it was two minits when i was in nursery with Mrs rolends and Mrs Earp and who is doing nursery when Mrs Earp goes to Japan?.
    🙂 🙂

  11. Hi Mr b

    My mum,My uncle Steven,my uncle Anthony my Brother Kyle and me was taught by Mrs Earp.We all thought that you was very kind and helpful.Miss Harris is the same thank you for organising all the Disco’s and douing Knitting on friday afternoons

    Thank you for your help

  12. When my little sister was in nursery she always used to cry so my mum would be upset, but mrs earp looked after her and soon she really enjoyed nursery, so my mum was happy.
    i will miss mrs harris because she never shouts at me or in fact nowbody so i will miss them both so by by by by by by by by

    i hope you will come back in a bit

  13. HI Mr b

    It is sad that Miss Harris and Miss Earp are leaving, i’m sure they will remember us all and we will remember them both as well. Good Luck to them both.

  14. i will miss you both and in nursery i fell over and i was crying and mrs urp took me to the cichen and sorted me out mrs harris is really cind

    by by by

  15. Myself Lacey and my mum would like to thank mrs earp for all the help and encouragment she gave to us at the start of our school days.. We hope very much you have a long and happy retirement…you really are a lovely teacher.

  16. i think mrs harris is allowed to leave for being at school for many years and doing many activites like knitting,sewing,and making pomb poms in knitting club…

    i think mrs erp should be aloud to retire because she has been here as long as the school has been built and she has been in nursery sice she was 18…

  17. hi mr B
    mrs haris and mrs herp ar realy nice peppole and i would never want them to leave.

  18. It will be a sad day saying goodbye to Mrs Earp. She has taught Freya, chris and myself. She is the smiley face you see when walking along the school path and she always has the time to stop and ask how you are. Mrs Earp is one of the hidden gems at Ivanhoe and is full of joy and enthusiasm, she is one of the reasons why we chose Ivanhoe Nursery for Freya and Mrs Earp encouraged her all the way from day one. We all wish you the happiness you deserve and wish you well with anything you choose to do. Take care Mrs Earp, the Diack-Scott’s are going to miss you xxx

  19. Alex’s Mum

    Alex loved nursery with Mrs Earp. She is such a lovely lady and I am sorry that my Daughter will miss out on on a wonderful teacher when she starts next year.

    Good luck on your retirement Mrs Earp!

  20. Hi Mr brian mrs earp is very nice when i take kayla to nersery every morning and she says good morning but kayla is to shy to say it back to her.

  21. mrs earp is such a wonderful lady that really deserves a well earnt rest.!Tiffany loved her time in nursery with her and darcey has enjoyed the time that she got to spend with her too!i hope that her retirement will be full of happy and healthy years!good luck mrs earp x

  22. mr brain it is so sad that mrs earp is leaving and mrs harris we all have been to nursey i didnt know she worked there for 41 years and declan didnt want to leave nursery because he loved her declan loved nursery i wish i was back at nursery lol

    declan is going to miss mrs earp and mrs harris!!!!

    katrina white (declan white’s sister)

  23. Hi everyone,Thank you all so much for the lovely message`s for me.I will miss you all, but shall come in to school on Friday afternoons to help Mrs Blower with the knitting, when I am in Conisbrough, if that will be alright with Mr Brian.The last 27years as gone really quickly and it as been a pleasure to work and look after you at dinner time. I hope in later years that my skills with knitting, maypole dancing and fund raising you are able to pass on to your own children.I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all those parents,children and staff who have help me with the fund raising Past and Present, we have shared and had lots of fun and raised lots of money for the school .Who ever takes this task on i wish them all the best and most of all enjoy it.Thank you all xx

  24. I really am enjoying looking at all your lovely comments. It is going to be a
    really sad day when I say goodbye to you all.
    Like you all who have good friends, mine is Mrs. Rowland and we will see
    each other quite often so she is going to tell me how you are all going on.
    Mr. Earp once said that if someone sliced me up I would have “Ivanhoe
    school” all the way through me, just like a stick of rock, and hes probably
    I want to wish you and all your families all the best for the future and the
    main thing is take care.
    Love Mrs. Earp xxxxxxx

  25. mrs earp, you are so awesome,when you go to Japan i will be on the same plane following you there. 🙂

  26. hii mr b

    i’m goingto be verry sad about mrs erp and miss aris they were so nice byyyyee 🙁

  27. Mrs Earp has been the best ever member of staff at Ivanhoe. She will be greatly missed by all. It will be a shame that new children starting after she has left will not get the chance to meet her and have the great experience myself, my husband Paul and my two children Jack and Atlanta have had having her as our nursey nurse. She is the main reason we sent our children to Ivanhoe as we knew with great confidence that they would be well looked after and feel safe in her care. Just as she made us two feel as children when we started school.Mrs Earp is the most gentle, caring person.we will be sooooo sorry to see her go.But i know she will enjoy retirement to fullest. ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!XX The Stevens family

  28. Dear Mrs Earp,
    I just want to thank you for all the reassurance you gave me when Regan was having trouble settling in at nursery. You really helped us and now Regan loves being at nursery. You will be certainly missed, and its such a shame Emily will not be able to be taught by you. I was sad not to be able to say goodbye, as Regan trapped his thumb on the way to nursery on your last day. Take care and Enjoy your retirement. X

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