By a strange coincidence, two separate classes came up with the word, ‘seize’. One class said it meant to ‘grab something/someone suddenly or firmly’ and the other said ‘to take hold of something.’ Seize has any number of meanings – but there is always something about it being sudden behind its meaning. It comes from a variety of sources:Middle English: from Old French,  from Medieval Latin and from old German. I think that it is quite a difficult word to spell…

I love ostentatious from Mrs Noble’s class. It means something that is very showy-offy, or pretentious, flamboyant or obtrusive – all difficult words, but we know what that means when we say showy-off (even though that is not a proper word…) Distinguishable (another tricky word to spell) means where something can be clearly differentiated from something else. I really love the word bask as well, it means to lie in the sun for relaxation or pleasure – which I guess is what the basking shark (the second largest living shark) must do. And the last word that I have got is futile, which means pointless or useless.

Why not try to use these words in conversation – or just explain them to someone at home. Certainly, write a few sentences for the blog using one or more of these please.

33 thoughts on “Seize…

  1. One time my mum watched can’t pay will take it away and a man had his car seized.

    By Effie-Beau Spruce Y4 Mrs Kidd

  2. The policeman seized the bright red car .👮🏼‍♂️🚘

    The woman was ostentatious when she bought a new pandora bracelet.👩🏼

    The twins were indistinguishable, if they wore the same clothes.👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️

    The man was bask on his holiday.🏖

    My brother is futile if you ask him to clean his room.🙎🏼‍♂️

    Amelie Harrison Miss Cartwright Flamingo class🌸

  3. Someone in the film Coco says seize your moment.

    Charlie was very ostentatious about his golden watch.

    Me and my brother are very distinguishable.

    My mum likes to be bask on weekends.

    To me water is not futile.

    From Ethan Myers Phoenix Class Mrs Kidd

  4. At dancing class tonight, my friend kept on following me and then she seized me!
    Amelie Bond
    Y4 Fantastic Phoenix

  5. The police officers had to seize a bright purple car, as it was parked right in front of a NO PARKING sign.

    Mr Collins was very obstentatious about his new apple watch, which he got for Christmas, was very colorful.

    The housekeeper was very distinguishable between me, as she was taller than me and she had freckles.

    On weekends, I like to go bathing besides the pool, which could enter being bask.

    The game was futile to the boy, as his sister was always beating him on races.

    by Shae-lea Bransby Y5/6 Flamingo Class Miss Cartwright

  6. My dog, Dottie, laid on the garden, basking in the sunshine 🌞

    Cian Lewins
    Dazzling Dragons 🐉

  7. We found this word in a text we read I was confused with what it meant .The five dazzling, beautiful and strange mermaids were basking in the sun but when wendy came to them they purposely splashed her and swam away. Wendy saw they were basking again and they were playing pass with bubbles. They still was all ways so mean for no reason! Wendy was so curious about them they are soooooo pretty but not so nice. I used this from the text we read it was Peter pan the chapter was mermaid logoon.

    Millie beaver

  8. He was very ostentatious with his lamborghini on the cold damp night.

    Food is definitely not futile.

    The bright silver coins were indistinguishable.

    He didn’t bask although it was very sunny and he was on holiday.

    Seize the golden watch and run to the red shiny car now!

    Brandon Beaver

  9. I like to seize the moment and bask in the sunshine while it lasts.

    Grace Luke
    Year 5

  10. The boys were ostentatious in my class 👱👦

    From kaitlan Rae wiseman
    In Miss kidds class Y4️⃣

  11. Hi mr Brian
    On Saturday I baught a pet fish 🐠 and took a picture of it and I was really ostentatious when I braught it to school 🏫 I also like these emojis so I’ll try not to be too ostentatious about them.😁.goodbye.

  12. Suddenly, the guards seized the criminal.
    The police seized the car.
    He was acting very ostentatious in class.
    Elliot is distinguishable to Brandon.
    They went on holiday so they basked in the sun.
    James’ attempt to pull out the peach was futile.
    Evie Nixon Y6 🐵 monkey class Mrs Noble.

  13. “Please don’t seize my car”I said to the man, “It would just be futile”.

    I dislike ostentatious people because showing off isn’t a nice thing.

    I have never went to bask before so I have no tan.

    Me and my sister are distinguishable

    Savannah bamford year 6

  14. “Please don’t seize my car”I said to the man, “It would just be futile”.

    I dislike ostentatious people because showing off isn’t a nice thing.

    I have never went to bask before so I have no tan.

    Me and my sister are distinguishable.

    Savannah bamford year 6.

  15. The policeman seized the stolen goods of the robber.
    Paying with monopoly money for a 🍫 chocolate bar is very futile!
    Jacob Hinchliffe

  16. I looked at my golden brown hair and then at my sister’s.They were so distinguishable. She is so ostentatious about her hair, which was so annoying. She takes so much pride in her hair and i just bask about and dont care. Brushing my hair is just futile. I am jealous, then I seized her hair and pulled it. –
    Taylor matthews – Miss mosely- dazzling dragons

  17. Dear Mr Brian

    We have to take your pot off or else your arm will seize up.
    The teacher wasn’t very impressed that her students were being ostentatious.
    Mr Brian and I are very distinguishable.
    When I go on holiday I love to bask in the sun.
    I knew it was futile to catch the train once it started moving but I continued to run after it anyway

    By Demi-Leigh Corbett
    Mrs Noble monkeys 🐵

  18. My shed lock seized up in the winter due to the bad weather.
    From Layton Allen Dragon class.😎😃

  19. Miss Cartwright seized the pen off someone because they were messing.😡😡

    Me, my mum, dad and sister lay on the sun bed and bask.😇😇

    Me and caitlyn are distinguishable but Arron and Zack are indistinguishable because they are identical twins.🤩🤩

    Caitlyn is ostentatious when she got her new ring.😒😒

    Freddy (my dog) is futile when you ask him too drop his ball.🤪🤪

    Y5/6 Miss Cartwright Flamingo Class
    9 years old

  20. The mysterious person seized the bag of the lady.
    The girl was very ostentatious.
    Me and my sister are distinguishable.
    The girl was bask outside.
    The text was futile.

    Libby McCluskie Y6 Miss Noble

  21. Dear Mr Brain here is my blog,
    The cats were distinguishable since they were sisters.Even though they stay in the house they still bask in the dark. The cats were seized tightly by Taylor because she loves them.Brooke was ostentatious because she got a new phone and Taylor was jealous. The food is not futile.

  22. Seize- The burglars were seized by the police soon after they left the robbery.

    Ostentatious- Ostentatiously, the girl displayed her winners medal, telling everyone in school!

    Distinguishable- Me and my little sister are distinguishable.

    Bask- When we were in Disneyland Paris, there was no time to bask in the sunshine.

    Futile- The map was futile due to the road being closed.

    Emily Kidd
    Flamingo class

  23. Please don’t seize me because I didn’t do anything wrong.

    Myself and my brothers handwriting is distinguishable, my handwriting is loads neater.

  24. Dear Mr Brian, These are my word of the week sentences,

    Whilst basking in the sun, I saw a robber seize a handbag off of a poor innocent lady. The girl was behaving in an ostentatious manner because all dinner and lunch play she was telling everyone that she won first prize in her show. Mine and my mum’s handwriting are distinguishable because hers is a lot neater. It was futile washing the car because two mins later it started to chuck it down.

    Darcy Fisher
    Miss Noble’s
    Monkey Class 🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒🐵

  25. The colourful lorry driver, had his van full of sweets seized for eating a fruit pastel.


  26. The bank seized their property.
    The army has seized control of the city.
    A rebel group attempted to seize power.
    He suddenly seized the lead in the final lap of the race.

  27. I think I must be like a crocodile as I like to bask in the sun all day like they do.

    My Mum said she would seize my ipad if I did not get ready for school. I quickly jumped up and got ready.

    Daisy Ball
    Y4 Miss Moseley

  28. My mum has to seize me sometimes off my iPad because I don’t want to go to school but I have to go to school to learn and work hard.

    Megan Thompson year 4 class Mrs kidd 🦄🦄😎

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