My head is buzzing from writing comments on reports for all the children at Ivanhoe School. I have done sixty so far and I have about one hundred and thirty to go – and I am doing Y6 tonight (Monday) so I am going to have to think of lots to say…

So. What would you write in a report about yourself? If I were writing one for me, I might say, ” Although Mr Brian tries hard, his desk always seems to have piles of paper on it. He needs to get to school earlier to keep it clear!” What would you write about yourself – if it is really good, I might put it into your reports when I write them!

27 thoughts on “Reports!!!

  1. Hmmm…Well I am a hard worker and i always get on with things when asked too.Treat other people around me with respect and get on with them.I give respect too my teacher or teachers.I’m a nice person inside and out.:D Well i can say no more now.:P

  2. Hi Mr Brian,
    i think Miss Burnham has put this in my report:
    Lauren is a chatty person but she is great at doing work and working in a group or team and she tries her best at hard work.

  3. Iam good at maths but i have to work on my timestabels and multiplication and I need to work on my spelling. Alice Dann y5

  4. Hi Mr B
    I think Mr Eles has put this in my report:
    Kira is a hard worker but need’s to focus a bit more.

  5. If i chat less i will get more work done. If i work harder in y5 i will get a good report.

  6. If i can think it i can do it. I work hard and always listen but i am not that good at handwriting.

  7. i am a good girl at school and always try my best,i love science and think i am good at it,i get along with everyone at school and enjoy my time in school and after school clubs.

  8. i try my best to be good at school but sometimes i find it hard,i love going to breakfast club and school so i can see all my friends.

  9. hi mr b i think mrs smith has put this in my report im verry chaty but intrested at my work and ai always consentrait đŸ™‚ from charley.

  10. Hi Mr brian,
    I think maybe Mr.Else has put this in my report:
    Savannah is a hard worker and she tries her best at everything even if she is not sure of something.She gets on with pupils and never gets in to trouble with something that has happned on the playground.I know that savannah can answe lots of questions in countdown so i think she needs to put her hand up a bit more.

  11. hi mr B i think mrs rainy has put on my report that i am good in class but she is struggling on her reading.oh and i think a need a bit more help on my maths.

  12. hi mr b i do love maths but im guessing that mrs burnham will put on my report that I need to concentrate a bit more.

  13. That I am very chatty but very clever at maths and English and like to talk to his friends.

  14. I think that mrs rainy will say on my report that i need a bit more help on my reading.

  15. I’m sure Miss Thistlethwaite will comment on how friendly I am with a lovely smile and that I try hard with my work.

  16. hi mr b i think my report will say tony is a good worker but needs to concentrate a bit more . tony is friends with everyone and gets along with his class members.

  17. Hi Mr Brian
    I would put in my report,i am a good girl and i get on with my work.I have lots of friends.I realy love my teacher Mrs Thistlethwaite.I have a fantastic headmaster.

  18. well….Im a kind person inside but i get wound up easily. I dont like it when people bully me and bring me into an argument then im the one getting done for it. I want to be nice but my freinds bring me into things. i behave well in class and i respect my true freinds.
    Love lauren hakin hakin y6

  19. dear mr brian i think that miss burnham will say on my report that i need to consentreat bit more in sted of chating and i relly like english and math some times i get math a bit bouring .

  20. not sure if i blogging in the right catergory here,but i have just been looking through megans school work for the past year and although her work has inproved greatly i am very upset to see that hardly any of here work has a coment on it from the teacher or has not even been marked,how is the pupil to know if they have got the question right or wrong if the work has not even been marked.

  21. hello mr brian i engoy beyin in my new class and going out
    to play with my new class i like helping my mum.

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