Red Nose Day… (Week)

It is coming up to that time when we think about Red Nose Week which we enjoy at Ivanhoe every two years. Red Nose Day will actually be Friday 13th March, but we have usually had a week of fun with all sorts of different activities taking place. So what would you like? I suspect that a pj day (with soft toy) may be in demand – and we all love a cake sale… would you like teachers to dress up on one of the days? You will probably have lots of brilliant ideas… do share 🙂

23 thoughts on “Red Nose Day… (Week)

  1. Mr Brian,
    Year 1 have been thinking very hard this afternoon about fundraising activities they would like to do. Here are our thoughts:
    Demi and Alanna would like to make and sell loom bands.
    Marshall and a lot of the boys would love to paint their noses in a funny way.
    Jacob and some other children would enjoy dressing as their favourite super heroes.
    Lots of us (including Miss Huck) really enjoy baking and would love to make some red nose biscuits and cake – maybe we could have a red nose tea party?
    Some children, like Elliot and Tilly, have suggested bringing in their old toys to sell.
    We hope this helps!

  2. Hi Mr Brian,
    I think it would be a good idea to sell some toys that I don’t want anymore and me and my friends would like to sell loom bands and also sell DVDs that we don’t want anymore … I can’t wait for red nose day ☺

  3. Dear,mr Brian.

    I think because it’s read nose week 1 day we should have DVD
    Sale. 2 day we could have non- uniform day . 3 day could have
    DVD in class. 4 day we could have baking compatition to do with
    Red nose stuff . Last day we could have a baking eating test with teacher
    After that announce the winner xx

    Happy Red Nose Day !
    By megan epton

  4. Dear Mr B

    I think teachers dressing up is a great idea I think we should have completion who could draw and colour or design a red nose and a day where we wear red and see I much money we raise and if we raise over 100.00 we get an extra play or something or even an crazy hair day again
    From kacy

  5. Hi mr Brain

    This year I would really Like a pj day and the teachers have to dress up in pj too and u would really like a bun sale

    From Reese Newton

  6. Dear mr Brian

    I would really like a super cool lesson on red nose day please . I would love to have a assembly on Red Nose Day to please accept all my ideas

  7. I think we should have a football compation and the losers have to dress up as a red nose to enter you could pay 1 pound and we should have the teachers dress up as well

  8. Hi mr B I would like teachers to dressup like gangstas and then we pay £1 to see them dance 🙂

  9. mr brian
    on Monday could we have a DVD, on Tuesday could we have a cake sale, on Wednesday could we have a charity walk, on Thursday could we have none school uniform and on Friday could we have crazy hair, something red to wear and a red nose .
    from megan l.

  10. Amy L (y4) suggests…

    – Wear red clothes and red nose day

    – Mr Brian to dress as a big red nose

    Cara L (y3) suggests…

    – A PJ and teddy day
    – sponsor Mr Brian to sit on a big bath of beans in the hall

    Their mum suggests…

    – sponsored silence for the kids! 🙂

  11. Dear Mr Brian,
    I think we should design our own red nose top or make our own red nose and plan some fun red nose activities.

  12. Please Mr Brian could I have for the school a crazy hair day and come in pjs and bring a book and a teddy bear because when you get out of bed your hair is crazy and you are in your pjs.

  13. Dear Mr.Brian I would like to have a crazy funky day.

    Just wanted to tell you the school fire alarm is going off .

  14. On Friday we could do what ether we want for so long and we could have some treats.

    From Jessica Rae Allen

  15. hi
    I’m a parent of James in nursery and have you thought about a teachers sports day but instead of normal events you should put a funny twist on it! like maybe a red nose and spoon race a dash with hurdles where the hurdles are made out of paper mache and filled with gunge! i would be happy to help in anyway i can work permitting.

    Maryann Clyde

  16. hi mr brian and everyone at ivanhoe i would like to give hope for the year 6 sats later on in the year p.s. grace are you still getting level 6s because if you are then well done cant wait to meet my old chaps in dewarren 🙂 best of luck

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