Rainy Days in Summer

Well, it’s another wet day in the summer holidays! It seems like a great deal of the summer has been spent listening to the pitter-pat of the raindrops, and it is so gloomy as though the raindrops are tears streaming down the windowpanes! This morning, Stella and I are making muffins – and the flavours are blueberry (from the garden), cherry and jaffa cake – yes, jaffa cake muffins! Later we are watching a film (and later still she goes to a party so I get five minutes peace!) What do you do on the wet days in summer?

26 thoughts on “Rainy Days in Summer

  1. I go in my bedroom n tidy it upi do hoovering up 4 my mam
    or i bring i friend in and play on karoke.

    (My bro annoyes me 2 the bottom of a stick) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Kathryn, I love to camp. There is nothing quite like sleeping under canvas! Where are you going? How big is your tent? Do you have your own tent or is there on there at the campsite for you?

  3. How sensible to tidy your room, Goergia. I wish I could persuade Stella to chuck some of her rubbish away – her room is packed!

  4. Dear Mr Brian
    Well we are going to North yorkshire but i don’t Know Where!
    And are Tent Is HUGE it has 3 Rooms and it is at least 2 Meters long!
    Finaly we have are own tent with blow up beds and pillows! Its more like
    a hotel!!!!

  5. Went camping in the lake district.It rained and rained and rained so after 3 days we came home (a day early) Going camping on monday in Tenby (Wales) With my mum,sister,aunty and cousins. Our tent is a big tent with 2 bedrooms and a large living area.

    ps Hi Kathryn how are you?

  6. Oh Sian, I know that feeling of going camping in the lake district and it just raining and raining and raining and raining… I think it will be lovely to camp in such a large group. Have fun!

  7. we whent in the carravan to the lake district it never rained – the only bad thing that happened was that my nan broke her leg .

    ps do you know when mrs maguella’s b-day is?

  8. Hi Mr Brian
    I am back from Newquay had a great time,we had some rain and sun the weather didn’t put us off. Our camp site was great we stayed on a Hendra site,have you heard of the camp sit? there was henry the hippo, we went on the train around the camp site with henry the hippo he was very funny.My mum did all the driving we got back this morning at 1.30am my mum says i have to go to bed.

    from Rebecca Blower

  9. Wow – your mum must be a good driver!! I am glad you enjoyed it. My Eve gets back from her holiday with the guides this morning – we are looking forward to seeing her.

  10. Dear Mr Brian
    I have just discoved the Meborough School website. Its realy cool! Here is it address (www.mexborough.doncaster.sch.uk) I have even got my own little bit on Frogteach!

    P.S I can come and vist your school on wednesdays!

  11. Well – I think their web site is ok – but I know a better one! Of course you can visit the school on Wednesdays – why Wednesdays?

  12. Hi Mr Brian
    My mum is going to take me to legoland at Windsor London she said it doesn’t mater if its raining she said we are still going.My mum loves driving to different places.My mum bought a R reg Renault Espace like what we have now but a newer shape she bought it cheep off eBay , my daddy put a new engine in, it as taken him three month so when i go back to school my mum will be in her new car.
    love from Rebecca Blower

  13. Mr Brian
    I doubt that Mr.B mums a Y10 teacher and IT NOT RELAXING!
    Today we went to Magna we made slime and we went to the water and play park it was BRILL!
    P.S We may have seen your Look a Like!

  14. hi mr brian it was a bit boring this summer because it was a bit sunny and a bit rainy.I bet spring was better than summer because it was very sunny in spring and a bit sunny in the summer.

  15. Hi mr Brian it’s kerryann nias mum just saying that a big than you for working the issue’s out about math’s work. then i went christmas shopping and the kids are traying to faind out what they have got

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