Memories of 2009/10

Wow, it seems only a minute since I wrote the blog “memories of 2008/09” to which we had 53 replies! Well, a year has flashed by and we will be breaking up in less than two weeks. I have lots of lovely memories from this year – I really enjoyed the summer fair and when we sold all the Harvest Festival produce outside St Peter’s Church last October. I really loved Sports Week – especially the tennis which is my favourite sport. I loved seeing the children’s faces when they were told their brilliant SATs results. I loved getting lots of phone calls from parents asking if they could move their children to our school. So many happy memories!!! What is your happiest memory from this year?

49 thoughts on “Memories of 2009/10

  1. My best memories of Y5 is when we had sports week.The most best sport i enjoyed doing was tramplining at De Warren Acadamey.We did lots of different tricks on the trampoline and we had Miss Laugh the spots teacher and 2 pupils to help and show us how to do it.The worst thing about it was that the trampolines were high up and there were no ladders.Because of that reason small people in our class struggled to get up.

  2. i like my school. its really good. i have lots of friends and like numeracy and science the best.
    you can make fun things its excellent.

  3. My best memories of Y3/4 is when Miss Brunham told us that the 5 Y3’s where going in Y5 and Miss Burnham is going to teach us i was very HAPPY!!!!! :)c

  4. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! It doesn’t seem 2 minutes since I started in Miss Thistlethwaite’s class last September and I’m so pleased she is my teacher again after the holidays!

    My favourite memories are the Christmas play as I was an Inn Keeper and my Mum & Dad were so proud of me.

    I also loved sports week, doing all those different sports and I loved winning the signed rugby ball, which I keep in my bedroom.

  5. When I first came to Ivanhoe it looked like only a small school but when I came inside, it was huge and amazing. When I went to Mrs Smith and Mrs Sutton’s class everyone looked very kind. My best memory has been making new friends and making my new friends happy.

  6. one of my favourite things this year has been learning about the human skeleton,i also really enjoyed helping to sell the harvest produce outside st peters church.its been a really good school year and i have learnt alot.i am looking forward to yr 5 with miss burnham.

  7. i enjoyed learning about the beach in class this year.i am sad to be leaving infants and abit nervous of going into y3 juniors i am looking forward to having mr else as my teacher.thankyou miss thistlewaite for all you have taught me this year.

  8. hi mr b my best memory was when my calvin and keeton had our photo tuck and my and keeton had to hold calvin uo in the air

  9. My best memory this year was the pantomime when wisi-washi and aladdin’s uncle kept swapping those shopping bags over and over again .
    My 2nd best memory was at sports week when we got to come in our PE
    kit so this year has been really great and I can`t wait for when I am in
    year 5 known as the monkeys/chimps.

  10. This is not about memories Mr Brian – but how come Ivanhoe don’t have sports days anymore?

  11. We are having a sports day for infants Tuesday morning and for juniors on Tuesday afternoon!! (or Wednesday if it rains on Tuesday).

  12. Yes – but it is more of a kid thing – where you will do lots of different events, more competing against yourself rather than others! Remind me to send a letter home on Monday.

  13. Dear Joe
    One of my best memories of 2009/2010 is reading Joe’s Blog from time to time. It’s fantastic how many children and parents and other people take part, share their ideas and above all their enthusiasm for Ivanhoe School.

    I remember some time back somebody complained that people steal the dust caps from bicycles. That happened to me recently. I’d just had a new tyre and new inner tube put on my bike because the old valve was worn out. Two days later the new dust cap was gone. WHO WOULD STEAL A DUST CAP?

  14. Ivan, we must not fret about dust caps – that is not the Ivanhoe way… I am pleased that you enjoy reading the blog – it is a vital part of the life of the school – the Ivanhoe way is to share ideas and be open about our hopes and dreams…we can’t be looking in the gutters for our dust caps, we need to be reaching to the stars…

  15. as we come to the end of a term my best memory is in y3 when we did sports day and i came 1st in the egg and spone race.

  16. my best memories in 2010 was most definately the Alladin play which was near christmas i absolutely loved Wishy Washy she was purely brilliant i and the whole school loved it and her!!!! you should definately organise something like that for 2011!!!! they will love it!!:)

  17. my best memories are when me and brittney were racing out on the playground in y1 and she fell over so i won her. 😀

  18. My best memory is when i did 1-1 maths with mr brain and i did english 1-1 with mrs earnshaw i fell now that i have really pushed my self too the next stage of maths and english.I have had a great 7 and a half years at ivanhoe primary school!My other best memory is when i first moved up too y6 and i was gettin tought by mrs wild and mrs earnshaw and mr brain and mrs donkin mrs wild is such so good and she is such a great laugh i am going too mrs her and many more teachers i will be sad too go and leave!!!!xx

  19. my best memory was when i came 1st in the egg and spone race and it felt good because it was a grate acomplasment.plz say its good mr b will u sign my atograph page

  20. i remember when in y3 i asked tony if he was playing out in the middle of a lesson and he replied yes and we got in trouble.

  21. I Think My Best Memory Of Ivanhoe School Is Going To Peak Venture Because I Went On The Zip Wire And It Was Awsome!! I Loved It xxx

  22. Hello Mr Brian …

    I think my best memory of Ivanhoe school is going swimming in y5 with all of my class because, I thought it was a great time to build up confidents and have a huge laugh with all of your friends.I just want to say THANK YOU to Mr Else for having pationts with us horrible lot !!!!!!

  23. My best memory is doin maths and english 1-1 with mr brain and mrs earnshaw i now feel that they have encoureged me too the next stage of maths and english!My other memory is when i went too peak venture and they encourage me too go down the absailin wall (mrs wild and my team mat3s)xxx

  24. my bestist memory was in y1 when keeton 1st came to this school because i had noboady to play with and he alwsys played with me .

  25. i remember when in y3 i asked tony if he wanted to play out tonight and he replied yes and we both got in trouble

  26. My best memory is when I met lots of people in nersory hew now are know my best friends!I can also remember when we had sports day and I fell over (so enbaresing) because every one started laghing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. i can remember when mr brian 1st came to the ivanhoe primary school
    and he did’nt know anybody like in assembly a few week ago he said that when he first came he said good morning mrs.wild and it was mrs maguella!!! OMG!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  28. i will never forget my years at ivanhoe with the great teachers because theyu have helped me thorugh my time here at ivanhoe and io cant wait to be coming back to see you all i will miss all the poeple and teachers a massive lot because they are helpfull and have helped me through everything i got stuck on i carnt believe im leaving already x i will be definatly be comoing back here agian X so will my children if i have any ?!
    i Carnt wait to be coming back for work experiance i will deffinatly be coming back and i would love to work here for my job it will be amazing i carnt wait x i hope to see every single teacher here that was there before because it would be great to see teachers again x im sure teachers would love to see me again too but as soon as i leave i will work my way back after school and see the fantastic teachers again i carnt wait 🙂 it s going to be scary when i leave cos im used to walking up the hill and round the corner to walk to IVANHOE SCHOOL but know i will be walking for 15 minutes to DEWARREN ACEDAMY what a diffrence im with some cool people that i know and will stick up for me if there is anybother so please dont worry about me as i will be as safe as possible cos my two brothers will be there too and liam uis in year 11 so ill be extremely safe thanks for the best time in primary school and mr Brian you will deffinatly be seing me again x hope to see you soon you amzing teachers and head teachers

  29. My favourite memory in y6 was probably when i got level 5 in my SATS results!! 🙂

  30. i remember that in y4 we all went to castleton and we explored through a cave and it was really good.

  31. My fondest memory is when I went on the zip wire when it was so high (Im afried of highs) even though I was realy sceard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. i love it when i got my sats resluts it was brill to find out i had a levle 4 🙂 but i have really enjoyed being at ivanhoe xx

  33. My best memory was when y6’s S.A.Ts results came and I got all 5’s!I was so proud of myself!:)
    Another great memory was when we went to Kingswood and i did all of the activities because i was quite scared but when I had done them I was glad that I had!

  34. in y6 i remember that we went to peak venture and i went on everything
    like the zip wire, abseilling, jungle vines and rock climbingand i also remember when we went to crucial crew learning about how to stay safe againts fires and others like criminal damage and dangers around the house it was really fun.

  35. my fab memory was when we went to peak venture because i went on zip wire jungle vines archary absailing and rock climbing.sats were cool because i got leval 4 in everything

  36. it was realy fun when sports week was here like when i scored the 1st goal in you because it was looking like i missed but it went in i was thinking yes nothing can stop me now and the 2nd time i missed what a shame oh well. bye. 2 more days untill we go to de warren hope u miss

  37. when i got my sats results i was very proud of myself because i was so 2 marks away from lvl 5 in everything my mum was very proud of me aswell because i had the best reuslts out of my brothers my mum said that i was getting like my brothers but really i wasnt she said that i was smart for getting that much and she said that i could go to macdonalds so she took me and i had somethings then it was the last week of school i feel very nervous for the big assembly and i carnt wait for some thing to be said about me i dont know if my mum can come though because she is working so it might just be my grandad coming to see and my mum is trieng to get my nanan to come to one of my assembly’s because she has never been before she might bve going to see my 6 year old in hos[ital but i might be just having my grandad coming 🙂 i would be really proud of myself i dont know wether i am going to cry yet though i dont know because i might be happy about leaving but sad inside i carnt wait to start dewarren so that it will be soon that i come and see you soon have a great time yr 6 meet up with you after the 6 week holadays will miss you all very much excpessially chloe tom and natasha as they are going to mexbrough but i will still see natasha because she lives round the corner i will miss everyone in this school ….you want to know my favourate memory…… coming to this school and meeting fanastic people because all my freinds are kind and helpfull and very thoughtfull x i hope i will still meet up with people in DEWARREN

  38. My fondest memory is when every one encoreged me to have ago of the zip wire because I didnt do the absaling

  39. I think my best Memory was when going too Peak Ventre and went on the Zip Wire and also, when i came too school and made loads of friends and had lots of Funnn….!

  40. when i the first person to climb across jungle vines when it was belting it down

  41. I can remember in year 4 with Miss Burnham we all went to castleton for the day out and we went to the devils arse and we climbeed Mam tor and we went half way and sat down, Then we walked back down…. Overall i had realy good funnnn!!!! 😛 😀

  42. My fondest memory is when every one encoraged me to do the zip wire so I did because if I didnt do the zip wire then I wouldnt have done anything (I did it even though im scared of hights)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!:)


  43. my memory is when i went to kingswood in peak venture it was good because i faced my fears!!!

  44. I really Enjoyed Kingswood Because It Was Fun Exciting And really good
    When we got there we had a tour around then we went on the jungle vines then some more but last of all was the zip wire it was cool i loved it but i wanted mr brian to have a go but he dint !!

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