Jeopardise is a great word – looking at the spelling, it reminds me of leopard: a very unusual spelling pattern is being used here.  It means  putting someone or something into a position of danger, loss, harm or failure. So I would jeopardise my job if I broke the law – and a child would jeopardise their chances of having a playtime if they cheeked their teacher. Miscellaneous is a word that just feels great when you say it – and you feel clever if you can spell it! It means various or varied – and often is used about gathering together a set of different items; so you could say, ‘he had a bunch of miscellaneous coins in his pocket’ or ‘some miscellaneous crayons in his pencil case’.

Quaint from the Y6 class means picturesque, charming or sweet – when I am driving through the country and I come across a beautiful little village, I might say ‘how quaint‘. I also like the word gravity because it has different meanings. Obviously, gravity is that force that pulls an object down, but it also means something that is serious – so I might speak to a parent with gravity if I were excluding their child from school. I know that Y4 are looking at a text about the sun at the moment because two classes have chosen sun-related words: Miss Moseley’s have used photosphere which is the sun’s outer shell from which light is radiated. Finally, the word countenance means a person’s facial expression: Mr Brian wore a grave countenance when he excluded the naughty child. See if you can learn to spell these words and to use them in your writing…

24 thoughts on “Jeopardise…

  1. The gravity in his voice made her afraid of was to come.
    The photosphere does not rotate in one piece lower latitudes outrunning higher.

    Holliemae y4

  2. When she walked in, she saw that her mum had a stern COUNTENANCE on because she was one hour late from playing out with her friends.
    She didn’t want to JEOPARDISE her not being able to go out again so she went and got ready for bed.
    In the morning she bought a QUAINT, little present for her mum to say sorry for being late.

  3. Grace had miscellaneous crayons in her smiggle,cute and nice pencil case what she brought into her room at her house 🏡were she was drew a dog could daisy.

    BY kaitlan Rae wiseman
    KS2 In miss kids class Y4️⃣

  4. My messy desk drawer is full of miscellaneous, small objects.
    Amelie Bond
    Y4 Fantastic Phoenix. 🔍📓✏🖇

  5. Dear Mr Brian, these are my word if the week sentences:

    Mrs Noble had a confused countenance as trying to decipher a piece of hand writing.

    If I didn’t listen in class and prepare for my says then I could jeopardise my chances of passing them all.
    I love going to the cinema because I get pick and mix which has miscellaneous choice of sweets.
    When I go on holiday it’s very quient for me and I can hear all the birds singing.
    If I drop an object the force that pull the object to the ground is gravity.
    When we look up to the sun the only thing we can see is the sun’s photosphere.

    By Darcy Fisher Y5/6 Mrs Noble, monkey class 🐵🐒

  6. The countenance on the teachers face matched the gravity in her voice .She was mad since her pupil was messing around with their quaint pencil case, which had miscellaneous pencils. The teacher also mentioned that they would jeopardise their chance of going on the school trip. Also while the teacher was telling them off they stared at the photosphere of the sun.

    Amelie Harrison ❤️
    Flamingo class Miss Cartwright

  7. My pencil case had miscellaneous pencils inside.
    As I was late for school the teacher gave me an angry countenance.
    Courtney frost
    Y6 Mrs nobles monkeys 🐵🐒

  8. Mr Brian dropped a plate and gravity pulled it down .
    Gravity is on earth but not it space
    In space we would float away.
    Niall parkinson year 4

  9. 1. I’m not about to jeopardise my job by asking all kinds of questions.
    2. She gave me some money to cover miscellaneous expenses.
    3. I was walking down the street when I saw a quaint car.
    4. My dad sometimes looks grave when he goes to work.
    5. A photosphere is a star’s outer shell from which light is radiated.
    6. We will never countenance violence, however serious the threat against us.

  10. When we went to see The merchant of Venice the actors had to keep a straight countenance or it would jeopardise their chances of acting again.

  11. My cousin Sarah has miscellaneous products of pens in her pencil case.
    I dropped a pen and gravity pulled it down.
    When I was sad I had a sad countenance on my face
    At night,they looked at the photosphere of the moon.
    The house , which is in the village, is very quaint.
    If you break the law you might jeopardise your job.

    Emily Kidd Y5/6 Miss Cartwright

  12. When I was playing out my mum told me to come home,
    when I got home my mum had a countenance face because I had a miscellaneous draw full of clothes,socks,pjs so I jeopardised my chances to speak to my mum so I went straight to bed.

    Effie-Beau Spruce Mrs Kidd Y4

  13. My brother Max in reception is very quaint.

    The naughty boys who keep vandalising our school on a night nearly jeopardised our halloween disco by stealing all the sweets. I don’t think their parents faces would be very countenance if they knew what their child was up to.

    Daisy Ball

  14. My dad had an angry COUNTENANCE on his face as I told him to go away. I didn’t want to JEOPARDISE not playing out again so I went to bed. In the morning, I went and bought him a QUAINT game for his xbox. To be nice I went to sort put my sister’s MISCELLANEOUS pencil case. Then I went to look at the photosphere of the moon, and when I was going to bed that night, when I took my slippers on they dropped to the floor as gravity was pulling it down.

    By Shae Bransby Flamingo Class Mrs Cartwright Y5/6b

  15. As I walked through the quaint little village I saw that everybody who lived there had happy countenances on their faces, their were miscellaneous houses all around, Gravity pulled all the houses down so that people could live in them.

  16. I would jeopardise going on a school trip if i get three red cards.

    Regan Knight Y4

  17. Last night, Laura was supposed to meet with her friend at 7.30, however she couldnt get there. As a result she bought her a quaint present to make sure she didnt jeopardise her chances of their friendship.
    Brandon Beaver

  18. We found our word in the text sun.

    Did you know that photosphere means when you look up it’s the lowest layer.
    Gravity is what keeps us on the ground for example if we were on the moon and we jumped we would go very far and if I did it on earth we would do a very little jump.

    Millie beaver

  19. Everything was tidy in my draw and I had another box that was miscellaneous and untidy and inside was also a quaint present and I gave it to my mum

    Ava Mae Lancaster
    Y4 Phoenix Mrs kidd

  20. My room is very clean and quaint but I mess it up sometimes and it’s miscellaneous and nobody can step ANYWHERE but if they do they will slip and fall!!!!😫

    Megan Thompson year 4 Phoenix class🦄❤🦄❤🦄❤😍

  21. Mrs Cartwright had a countenance face when she was doing this question in maths. My bedroom was quaint and very clean but my brother messes it up. From effie flamingo class

  22. Mrs Cartwright was countenances face when she was doing the maths question. My room was quaint but my brother messed it up. 😃 from effie and isaac fiddament

  23. Mrs Cartwright had a countenance face when she was doing the math question. My bedroom was quaint but my brother messed it up 😔!!!!! From effie and isaacs

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