How Important are the Olympic Games to Conisbrough?

On the 26th June, the Olympic torch will pass through Conisbrough, going along Old Road outside the school. I think it is a real pity that the route organisers didn’t have the foresight to change the journey just a few metres so that the torch could pass through school grounds, because if they had done that then we could have made sure that every child had the opportunity to see the flame. As a school, we cannot take children onto the road to see the flame as we couldn’t supervise them properly ( we need a ratio of 1 adult to 4 children in Nursery for example for that sort of activity). So we need to decide what to do. Some people might say that we should just get on with lessons and treat it as a normal day, some people might say we should just take a few children out, some might say that we should ask parents who want their child to see the flame to take them out of school temporarily… I am going to see if the organisers might change their route slightly to come through school grounds, but I suspect they won’t – so we do need a solution. So what do people think? Is it important? What could we do? As a staff, we think that the week of the torch would be a good week for our SPORTS WEEK, which this year would include a trip to the seaside for all children (for beach sports!) is this a good idea?



64 thoughts on “How Important are the Olympic Games to Conisbrough?

  1. Hello Mr Brian
    My favorite sports are football,rounders and running. My mum thinks it is a good idea to come and watch the flame.

  2. hi mr b

    for sports week I think we should do sports like football,rounders,mat ball,dancing and finally I think we should go to the seaside and play sports there like you said


  3. Hi mr b

    My fav Thing to do are dance football rounders and tag rugby when it is sumer I hope we can Play tag rugby and rounders for are pe lessons

    Bye 🙂

  4. i think we should be able to watch the olympic torch go past our school as it would be amazing and we will probably never get the chance to see it again

  5. Yes i would like to see the torch, i don’t think the fact that is passing through our village should be ignored, i’m really looking forward to a trip to the seaside because i love beach volleyball. Bye Mr B

  6. thank you for are nets and i would want to do football,tag rugby and basket ball, it is important to do sports to keep us healthy

  7. hi mr b

    i think it would be good to have the day of for the day because my brother Liam he has the day off and he is at De warren and my favorite sports are

    matt ball
    ice scating
    and it would be good to go to the sea side like u said
    bye mr b

  8. Hi Mr Brian,

    Perhaps enough volunteers could be found among pupils families to assist teachers in supervising the Olympic torch event as I’m sure many parents, grand-parents etc. will be keen to see the torch pass through Conisbrough anyway.



  9. I think idea with parents as a volunteers is great. Would be nice to give all pupils a chance to see the runner.

  10. Hello mr Brian its Dylan, I think y4 should do these sports for sports week;
    Monday- Bowling
    Tuesday-Sea side
    Friday-Swimming 🙂

  11. Hello Mr B,
    It is vitally important that on such a momentous day, possibly never to be seen again in our pupils and staff’s lifetimes. Such an event must be seen by all. Any and all possible effort should be made for all the pupils and staff to see this momentous event in our village. My Grandad and myself would be willing to help out in any way possible. Thank You.

  12. I do agree with comments that the torch passing so close to the school is a once in a lifetime event. So all assistance from parents should be welcomed to see this historic event.We need to mark this occasion and also the diamond jubilee with events ,I believe it to be memory building for this generation of children.

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