Fun at School for Comic Relief!

I hope that all parents have received a letter from school about how much fun we are going to have in the week of Comic Relief:

  • Tuesday 15th – Mad Hair and Bring a Bear
  • Wednesday 16th – Bun Sale (20p each) and Joke Assembly
  • Thursday 17th – Non-Uniform/Pyjama Day (£1)
  • Friday 18th – Dress in Red Day and Talent Show

We have already raised £240 with red noses but we hope that bun sales and non-uniform will push the total up beyond £500.

We hope that parents will donate some cakes – preferably things like cake bars that will keep a few days – and we also hope that some people might donate more than £1 for non-uniform as every penny helps.

We want people to have a really good time as well as raising money for good causes – which is what Comic Relief is all about.


16 thoughts on “Fun at School for Comic Relief!

  1. hiya mr.brian ant seen youin ages i bet your thinking on no it brit to talk my ears off lol :L
    how every1 i miss that school lol you okay and hows eve and stella ?see ya soon
    bye bye 🙂 xx

  2. hi mr brian,on tues im fetching my yorkie dog to school and she has red dress and shoes! ive got some cakes for wednesday and thursday me and my sis darcey are wearing jamas! oh and ofcourse fridi we wearing red with red noses!so we are al-red-y lol

  3. hiya mr b

    i had great time my fave part was when we hade dress in red talent show and messy hair day and bring a bear day it was great did you like it? 😀

  4. hi mr b u ok ?

    so how much money did u raise for comic relief ?

    i miss you all i i hope you have a grait future

    in total comic relief raise 74,000,000 pounds

    thats loads lol


  5. Hi Mr Brian
    I brought in three pounds for red nose,that was a big help.I had lots of fun.
    love Rebecca Blower.

  6. Dear mrs harris you have been a good dinner lady to me. hop you have a good time in france. 🙂

  7. I hope MRS Harris and Mrs Earp have a good time.

    Thank you for looking after us.

  8. i real liked red nose week and i think the best day was friday becouse we didnt do no work and we made red nose head band but i got to talk it of for the talent show and that was good as well did you like my dance there was in my dance me trudie grace and georgia and liked all other talents i realy liked libby spencer she was brillant at sing ing and i still liked other peoples.

    bye bye i have to go for my dinner 🙂

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