Frailty is such a lovely word (although not describing a lovely thing…) it means the condition of being weak and delicate. So something is said to be frail if it is weak or delicate – but I think the word itself sounds delicate…

The Y6 have chosen ominous as a word, it means, giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen – ‘those clouds look ominous’ is something you might say. The other Y6 word is rhapsody, which means an effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. For my own class, our word is mentioned, which comes up in a Michael Rosen poem and it means, refer to (something) briefly and without going into detail. The final word is anaesthetic, which is a substance that induces insensitivity to pain.

Try and use one of these in a piece of writing…


15 thoughts on “Frailty…

  1. My sister mentioned let’s play hide and seek after dinner after dinner she told me that let’s play hide and seek. Hollie-mae y4

  2. My sister mentioned let’s play hide and seek after dinner after dinner she told me that let’s play hide and seek. Hollie-mae y4

  3. Dear Mr .Brian

    The old, caring lady had a frail hip so she struggled to walk places.

    When I did my test ,that I struggled on, my teacher told me to meet her in the class room, so after break I went to go meet her ; she had a piece off paper and a ominous look on her face.

    The song was rhapsody and it was a big hit on the radio it even bet Dance Monkey ,which is my favourite song.

    The book mentioned very complicated words so I struggled to read them.

    My sister was given an anaesthetic before she went into surgery.

    Emily KiddY5 Miss Cartright 3/02/2020

  4. The man played a beautiful rhapsody in the piano

    Oliver Butterworth Y6 Mrs Cartwrite

  5. Liverpool fc scored an ominous goal last night against Shrewsbury Town

    Oliver Butterworth Y6 Mrs Cartwrite

  6. Our word was anaesthetic which means you are in a state of anastasia, so u feel no pain while surgery and loose your senses. For example poor Isy had to go in a state of Anastasia for she had broken her arm.

    Millie Beaver

  7. When i had some teeth out in hospital, i was given anaesthetic to put me to sleep.

    Regan D Knight Y4

  8. My nanan is very frail because she has arthritus in her back.

    Ethan Knight Y4

  9. The woman was of such frailty that every time she walked she mentioned to herself to go slow and steady.
    The teacher had an ominous look on her face as she was giving out stats results to the children.
    The sweet rhapsody was played by the pianist on Britains Got Talent.
    An anaesthetic is sometimes in a syringe and it gets jabbed into the injured part of the body to make it go numb before surgery.

  10. The old, caring lady had a frail hip: she struggled to walk.
    The door closed with an ominous boom that echoed around the room.
    The beautiful rhapsody has been heard.
    I mentioned to my mum that I was going swimming on Tuesday.

  11. Dear Mr Brian,
    I played a rhapsody in the memory of my child hood.
    My teacher gave an ominous look at the student.
    She mentioned that you are an amazing headteacher.
    The old lady had a frail collar bone;it is easy too break.
    I had an anaesthetic so the pain goes away.
    Yours sincerely Ella Matthews Y6.

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