Four Week Transition…

Well – we are on day1 of a transition period that takes us up to the end of term – so congratulations all you Y2 children who are now juniors and the Y4 and Y5 children who are now Y5/6 and choosing their own uniform colour :-).

I would like to know what you all think of this experience. There are hardly any schools in the whole country that do this – but we want to be better than most schools, which is why we have tried this. It should mean that when we begin school in September, you already know your teacher and they know very well how to make lessons a success for you.

Please blog and let us all know how you are enjoying this… I included the picture below because that’s when our new Y6 were in Nursery: that is how quickly time passes…

74 thoughts on “Four Week Transition…


  2. It has been cool being doing a reading tests and starting a new topic.

  3. I had a wonderful time last year but most importantly, it’s all about this year that matters. I enjoyed yesterday because I loved my new teacher, Mrs Noble: she is very kind and Miss Cartwright is so kind as well and I also loved my new classroom as it was so tidy and clean. I loved yesterday.

  4. I love my new teacher and my new classroom in the old staff room. I think being a Y3 us going to me lots of fun.

    Daisy Ball
    Mrs Gathercole Class

  5. I think it’s a good idea doing 4 week transition so you get to know your teacher better:: you get to know your teacher’s standard.

  6. I am so exited for this year I can’t wait for transition to end so I am a year 5 and can’t wait to go swimming

  7. I am extremely excited about the four weeks transition. My new teachers are amazing!

  8. I REALLY like my year4 class it is really FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’ve had a wonderful experience at Ivanhoe but I have to move on and go to De Warene .thanks for Miss Brown teaching me my y6blearning for secondary !!!!!!!

  10. I love my new class especially mrs nobles because she is really nice and helps u do stuff and mrs Cartwright I have had her for 4 year straight now but I am kinda happy cos I like mrs Cartwright and i’ll Miss mrs Mosley
    Macauley winder
    Y5 👍⚽️

  11. I think it is a good idea to spend time in my new classroom before September so I know what to expect after the summer holidays. I like my new class and glad I have miss Kidd as a teacher.

  12. I hope I have a good time in Year 4 and I hope my teacher teaches us well.

  13. I need to put my hand up for answering questions in class so then I might get them right but if I don’t get them right, it’s ok.

  14. In my new classroom it has been so difficult to know Mrs Wild and I didn’t want to leave Mrs Kidd as she was my best teacher and last year I had Miss Thickett as well and she was a brave and a beautiful teacher.

  15. I really enjoy my new classes: Miss Noble is very nice and I’m really happy we did a 4 week transition so now I know my teacher. I like having Mrs Jones on a Tuesday afternoon and Miss Cartwright on the rest. I love having Mrs Noble in a morning as well.

  16. I’m settling into year 5 and starting a diary entry for our literacy.

    Jacob Y5

  17. I am really liking my new class and teacher. I am enjoying the junior playground and getting to make lots of new friends.

  18. I am really enjoying the transition weeks. I think this is a great idea because when we come back to school in September we will be able to get straight into our learning and we will not be worried about changing classes and having a new teacher.
    I am glad I came to this school and I am enjoying my learning and the new experiences. Thank you.

  19. “I went on the coach and the train to the museum. We watched Punch and Judy in the train. It was amazing and fantastic.”
    “I like my new big class. I am a squirrel and I like Miss Manchester.”

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