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How strange that just a week ago, we mentioned the coronavirus in a homework front page for the very first time – and now all schools in the UK are closed to most pupils.

This has been a strange few days for us all – on Monday of this week we were saying that we were cancelling ‘Learner of the Week’ and by Friday we were making plans to limit the school to only 38 children for the foreseeable future and to ration places even for key workers.

This school will be open over Easter, presumably for the first time ever, and staff are organising themselves to give whatever cover we can so that children of key workers have a safe place to go.

The world has turned upside down – my children kissed their Gran last Sunday for the last time for a few months and I shall only be dropping off a card for her on Mothering Sunday and I guess that even then, she will have to wash her hands once she’s opened it .

A lot of this week has been about preparedness for the school closure and partial re-opening. It has been very difficult because the government gave confused messages and then no messages (!) and we were left in the dark. It is really difficult to organise partial opening – there are a million things to consider – and then you get the situation where emails aren’t arriving as the broadband is really slow due to excess demand!

I hope by now that parents have been able to access the work that we have prepared for children at home – it’s on the class pages (and you can use the link in the green box on the homepage.) The most successful way in which your children can ‘work from home’ is to have established routines so that they know when they are working and when they are playing – please don’t make them work too hard, but at the same time, please keep them learning.

It was very sad in school today as the Y6 got their T-shirts signed, which is something they would normally have done on the last day in July. I really hope that we can at least have a leavers’ party and a last assembly in July (even better would be to manage to get on the residential at the beginning of July) but I am not holding my breath as it might not make sense to get back together just before a six week closure.

My message to parents and children is to stay safe – an upside of this is that parents and children will have to make much greater use of the outdoors that many would normally do – so it will be a walk by a stream rather than a play area. I hope that parents make full use of their time with their kids – it’s precious time, after all.

I will be blogging every Friday – please do blog back.

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  1. It has indeed been a difficult and worrying week. We are all upset that the schools have have to close very suddenly. Only on Monday did Alex get to go to College for a taster day, which he loved and made some new friends. An exciting next step in his future. Only four days later he has left Y11 unable to sit his GCSEs! We are all completely devastated for him and all the other children in the same predicament. It is awful after all the work, not only at secondary school, but all the work leading up to this in primary school that they have done. It is unbelievable. There have been many tears in our house, not only for Alex, but for Emily who has probably had Y6 cut drastically short by four months with no SATs, prom, residential or leavers assembly. We are really hoping that all the measure put in place to keep us all as safe as we can, that Y6 do get to come back for a short time.

  2. I 100% agree that is has been a frustrating week. The frustration is set to continue! However the school isn’t helping by not informing people if there children can attend school. Myself and the children’s mum are both key workers, however we are now in a position where we are having to look at one of us taking time off work, which I appreciate family’s all over the UK are doing. We have had to way up the pros and cons of who would be better placed to take the time off work if the children cant be accepted at school. Unfortunately it will be the NHS that loses a staff member as my job involves roads been maintained and kept open for all haulage.

  3. Yes. It’s all very hard and unusual. In defence of this school, we are not like lots of other schools that have just shut and told society to get on with it!

    We are finding our way through a very difficult situation and we will no doubt become more flexible as time passes: once we are more used to the new reality.

  4. I have been told that you are giving packed Lunches out instead of Food Vouchers is this true, because i find it hard to beleive if we are suppose to be stopping at home and you are asking people to attend a school for packed lunch for those that get free school meals while the Karonavirus lockdown is in place.

  5. That’s a fair point – though we are allowed out for exercise so the two could be combined. This is a stop-gap until we move to a voucher system after Easter.

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