Coronavirus 9

(Written on a Monday again) Most of my thoughts at the moment are about the question of schools reopening on June1st to Reception, Y1 and Y6. And when I say ‘most of my thoughts’ I really mean it: my waking hours including those when I should be asleep! When I wake at 3.00am, for example, the first thing I think of is school and how we manage to keep it safe!

Speaking for the government this weekend, Michael Gove said definitively that schools would be safe – but then a minute or so later, he said ‘you never can eliminate risk.’ And that is what keeps me awake. Unlike every other industry, it is accepted by the government that ‘social-distancing’ cannot happen with Reception and Y1 children – but the government clearly accepts that the risk is worth taking. Indeed, the government has decided that these are the first children back to school.

Later this week, we will have a risk assessment from the Local Authority based on discussions with teachers, unions and the Health and Safety Executive which I will share with parents by email.

I hope that everyone is keeping well in these strange times.

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