Coronavirus 8

Well – it seems strange to have a Bank Holiday on a Friday and it seems strange to be in school on a Bank Holiday – but it is a strange year.

Something will happen on Sunday and we may have a suggestion of what schools will look like in June/July. I asked parents if they would share their thoughts and this is a summary of those replies: A parent suggested alternate weeks for each part of a year group which would effectively reduce numbers by 50% which would make social distancing easier. Another suggestion was for half the school in Monday and Tuesday and half in for Thursday and Friday, with Wednesday being deep clean day. Shorter school days was another suggestion. One parent pointed out what we have already been discussing, which is that Y6 in particularly need some sort of decent closure to their primary school education, so they might receive preferential treatment in terms of a return to school.

As Headteacher, and talking to staff, we are very concerned about the idea of children coming back into school as we know social distancing will be extremely difficult to manage. I think that we are also pretty sure that we cannot have school dinners for the rest of this term – too many opportunities for cross-contamination, but we could manage packed lunches, continuing to pay for FSM out of our budgets.

I guess we will know more on Sunday – and I assume that I will be writing to parents on Monday or Tuesday with our response to whatever the government say.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus 8

  1. It is a very worrying time for schools to be re-opening. How they can get it to work as safely as possible is very difficult. Alternate days for classes?

    I agree with Y6 being one of the priority classes as they do need to hopefully finish their primary education and get the transition in to secondary school. It is still very sad with how quickly school had to close.

    I will always be upset and saddened by the fact that my Y11 child has left school without sitting GCSE’s and didn’t get to finish school life properly after all the hard work over the years.

  2. However much I agree y6 need some proper closure to there days at ivanhoe, I wouldn’t want to be the teacher trying to keep them 2m apart on there final day, I feel so sad every time i think of children returning to school, sitting away from friends and teachers, having to grow up so much quicker then should be ok, it’s just so so sad. And I don’t think there is a right answer, but I know if any school can get through this it is ivanhoe.

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