Coronavirus 6 (Pot Noodle)

I’m sitting at my desk at school and I have just eaten my first ever pot noodle. I brought it in to school because the preparation and eating of it was so simple. I’m not sure about the taste but I do feel full up.

I see in the news that there is a little chatter about schools opening again. I am really not sure how that would be possible whilst maintaining the 2 metre rule (social distancing). If you need to be two metres away from everyone then each child would need to be at a desk on their own – which would mean class sizes about half of what they are at the moment… so I guess it would be one day on and one day off school. I also guess that we would not serve school dinners as that necessitates close contact – so I guess we would continue to provide vouchers and ask parents to give children a pack-up for school which hopefully could be eaten outside. There is lots to think about.

I have been recommended (By Rachel Simpson) the Oak National Academy, which is the website set up by the government to provide lessons for children. I have just had a look and it seems ok: real teachers giving real lessons – Rachel’s kids are really enjoying it and learning Spanish too!

I hope that everyone is keeping well – check out or social media link for all the things that staff and children are doing – and look at the pictures (that have replaced Picture of the Week) – and please keep sending them in to me at

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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus 6 (Pot Noodle)

  1. Caitlin has used the oak national academy website for Spanish and music this week and we found it very good

  2. I hope it was a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle. Beef and Tomato is not a fair sample!
    Pot Noodles got my husband and me through university 🙈😂

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