Coronavirus 5

We continue to adjust to the new reality. I’m sitting in my office having just recorded another Michael Rosen poem for our YouTube channel – my fifth, I think. Poor Michael Rosen has been in hospital for a long, long time. It’s funny that we think the internet can tell us everything – I can’t find ANY new news about him at all…

One of the ways in which this coronavirus will change us is going to be the way we think about life. We all lead incredibly busy lives and even at the weekend, we are busy, busy, busy: I know for myself, I’m always trying to get my children out to experience this or that or to do this or that – but now I wonder if we shouldn’t all just chill a bit and slow down and enjoy what we have in front of us rather than going looking for experience. I have been walking (and running) in my local woods for over three weeks now (having never been there before) and it’s lovely to see how change occurs – even in a small time – so now I walk amongst a sea of bright bluebells, whereas three weeks ago, they were just green leaves…

I am sure that when we are all back to school again, our philosophy will change. I think that we need to help children value the here and now – really value it – as well as the learning to read and write: I think we need a more rounded approach. I think there is already evidence to suggest that people in the UK see positives in this massive and frightening pause for thought and don’t want just to go back to ‘normal’ life: I hear a lot of people saying ‘take care’ and I see a lot of people being kind – as well as showing appreciation for those who serve us, whether in a hospital or in a supermarket… perhaps schools will reflect these changes in the months and years to come.

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  1. I totally agree that’s is changed people.

    For us it’s forced us to slow down, we led quite busy lives before!

    We have discovered what beautiful scenery we have access to right in our door step, we just have to cross the road and we have access to miles and miles of country tracks and gorgeous scenes.

    It’s also changed the way we shop, choosing to shop local, I think I’ve only used a supermarket 1-2 times since lock down, and we are doing a lot more home cooking, opting to make a lot of things from scratch and the girls get involved with the measuring, weighing mixing etc.

    It nice to just take stock and re evaluate things and I for one hope it continues.

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