Coronavirus 4

Easter Saturday (I missed Friday as I was in Sheffield Children’s Hospital with Jude, who had broken his leg on the trampoline: the trampoline we bought at the beginning of the lock down…)

It’s a beautiful day. At our house, we have planted runner bean, pea, snap-pea, broccoli, sweetcorn, radish, tomato, potato, watercress and herbs as the boys like planting. I have also been cutting the grass and looking for an excuse to cut it again as I want to do something!

School was quiet this week – it’s a big place when there are so few children. We are really disappointed that the government have gone on and on about vouchers for free school meals (including over the Easter holidays) but haven’t managed to communicate how we actually get them and then get them to parents – but the government are better at saying than doing things just now.

There has been some chat online about schools opening again, but it is obvious that we are still not at the peak of the virus and it will take a long time after the peak before it comes down to something manageable – and it seems to me that opening schools, especially for the very young children, will just start it right up again.

It’s been lovely to see every thing that children are getting up to on Facebook, twitter, the photos on the website and on our YouTube channel – I just hope that Jude is the only child who has broken something!

Take care everyone.

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