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It’s strange to think that the term, ‘social distancing’ was so little known until just recently. Looking at the term, it seems that the theory of social distancing really came into its own in 1918 when Influenza was raging around the world: Philadelphia had its first cases but then went ahead with a planned parade of over 200,000 people – and pretty soon the hospitals were full and many people died. St. Louis, on the other hand, had its first case and the city took two days to implement several social distancing measures, including closing schools, theatres, and other places where people get together. It banned public gatherings, including funerals. The actions slowed the spread of influenza in St.¬†Louis and a spike in cases and deaths, as had happened in Philadelphia, did not occur.

Anyway, we are all social distancing now! I know there are lots of complaints about people not doing it properly – especially at first – but it seems to me that everyone takes it very seriously… people are keeping well away from each other.

The strange thing about all this is that at the end of it all, many people will be very much fitter than they have been in their lives (thanks to Joe Wicks, in part), the world will be much less polluted and people will be appreciative, especially of those people who serve us (NHS, bin collectors, shop workers, postal workers Рeven teachers!) and people will have been through a period of being kinder towards each other and much more spiritually aware Рand it is a pity that it has taken a crisis to make this happen. I hope that schools and society can learn lessons about what really is important (love, decency, creativity Рand not just testing!)

I hope that everyone is enjoying keeping in touch through the YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and the website. Stay safe.

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  1. I am really missing being at school and seeing my friends. I am still hoping we can come back and finish Y6 even if it’s for a short time.

    Me and my Mum are doing PE with Joe Wicks every day and sometimes we’ve done PE twice a day. We are really enjoying it.

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