Coronavirus 11

We might well be taking part in a wider opening of school in a week’s time. The government were keen for a wider opening of primary schools from June 1st, but the Local Authority considered the move too dangerous. The obvious main issue with reopening schools is that social distancing cannot occur appropriately at a primary school – and the other issue is that infection rates in the UK are still extremely high. It’s a difficult position.

Today I will be writing to parents to ask them to ‘book’ a place for their child for the two weeks after the 15th June as life will be easier (and safer) if we have exact numbers of children in each group in school. We cannot social distance, but we can minimise social contact outside the ‘bubbles’ of children that will be taught.

All this will depend on Doncaster schools actually opening on the 15th – but we will have to wait and see for that.

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