Christmas is on its way…

Well – in two weeks time when children go back to school after the weekend, we will have the Christmas tree up and we will be having fun, fun, fun (and plenty of work, work, work). It is at this time of year that I always have a little smile to myself when I think that the pantomimes started at Ivanhoe because a parent made a suggestion when her little boy was in the infants and when her little girl wasn’t even born – now she is in the infants and her big boy is now in the Y6. So what do children and parents want from us – we have the pantomimes, the parties, the Christmas dinner, the church service and the nativity – and this year KS2 children will be singing carols for their parents in front of the Christmas tree :-). What else shall we do???

52 thoughts on “Christmas is on its way…

  1. hi Mr Brian this is jade
    I think you should put on a show like frozen. I am having so much but I have had 1 detention and 6 isolations. I hope you miss me. Right now I am at school sending my fraviroute head teacher. I have autism and I am in nutre group with Miss Burley.

  2. hi m B I know I haven’t speaked to you in a while but I just wanted to say hi and really miss the school good buy

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