Changes in the Infants

I went into school yesterday to have a look at the changes that are being made in the infant side of school. We thought it was all a bit dreary and cluttered before and we wanted it to be brighter, cleaner and more spacious. All the old coat pegs have been removed, the big cupboards have gone, the walls have been painted, a new non-slip floor has almost been finished and fantastic new coat pegs that are in a wavy shape will come on the 18th August. Children will also have a space below the pegs, like a little cupboard, to put bags in. We are going to have so many infants in September that we want their space to sparkle so that they will feel really proud of their school. Once back in September we can see how successful the ‘new look’ is, and we can think about making improvements in the juniors – I wonder if anyone has any suggestions? Please let me know if you have any ideas…

22 thoughts on “Changes in the Infants

  1. Dear Mr Brian
    I was in the juniors for 4 years and the things that Buged me the most were the colour scheme and the toilets. First, the colour scheme it a bit dreary. Maybe if you paint it more Vibrent colours like orange and white so kid don’t get bored so often. Secondly, the toilets are a bit tacy and the toilet roll dispencers cut hand when you try to get some toilet roll so my sugestion is to have a fun raiser so you can refurbish the girls and boys toilets.
    hope you can do this it would make the school perfect…

  2. Thanks Kathryn and Jessica – I think we should perhaps ask children what they want. I would never have guessed what you two have just blogged – children see things differently from adults…
    I think junior kids deserve better than they’ve got at the moment, that’s for sure!

  3. thats right kids always see things different to adults so thats why our school was so dull, no kids had any say in the decor in it . the girls toilets, the chanes were broken, two of the computers were broken, one of them the screen was blurry it hurt your eyes the new computer well evrybody was fighting over it because it was quicker and new . seeing as we’re older than the infants i think that we could be trusted with swings, slide, monkey bars and a see-saw maby if you do days for each year to play on the equipment.(safty hazards with smaller kids like y3s amd y4 ) i know im not at that school any more but i still can think of ideas to improve my old school HOPE I CAN STILL HELP YOU AND THE SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Mr Brian
    you could have nice sparkly thinks in the girls toilets like lights around the mirror nice bright paint, nice bright bins ,flowers, nice hand soap, dyson dryers. The boys could have car pictures on the toilet walls.
    love from Rebecca Blower.

    I am going to newquay on saturday morn at 3am.

  5. Dear Joe
    Joe’s blog is absolutely brilliant. I should be working but I can’t tear myself away. Actually what I should be doing right now is writing answers to letters sent by the employees in our company to our boss. But because he’s very important and the boss of a very, very big company, and has all kinds more important stuff to deal with, he has a team (with me in it) who prepare things for him to sign. It’s strange putting words into someone else’s mouth.

    You’re very important too, of course. And I love the way you make time to reply personally to the responses you get. It’s all much more direct and honest. You’re all so proud of what you’re doing – that must be a terrific feeling.

    And it makes me very nostalgic for our time together at Southey Green…

    All the best

  6. Some people don’t understand that it’s the ‘unimportant things’ that are most important!! I didn’t realise how the colour of the walls mattered to children – we learn a little every day!!

  7. Dear Mr B,
    One of the things that bugged me was the microwave in the kitchen in the infants on the last day miss tried melting some chocolate and could barely turn it on u need a modern one. Also the floors throughout the school are dreary and so are the walls they need repainting maybe white, something bright and modern. And in the computer suite the computers on the right dont have any sound there so old in fact my dad went to Ivanhoe and he used the same computers and hes 42!!!
    Overall Ivanhoe will always hold a special place in my heart next too career family and future
    Hope to c’ya soon

  8. Well Hannah, we hope to get some money for computers this year…when you come and visit us in September or whenever, you should take a look at the infant area and see what you think. I hope that you are having a lovely holiday – the sun is shining today which makes it all seem better!

  9. I think that we could have pink sparkly walls in the girls toilates. We could have new flushes on r toilates because they dont work propely sometimes. We can have an air freshner in each tolate. New toilae roll holders. fancy lights around the mirror. in the boys toilat we cold have blue walls with cars or football patterns.lots and lots and lots of air freshners. round school we need brighter coulors and new coat pegs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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