Back to School 1

It seems funny to look back on the coronavirus blogs to see how little we knew all those weeks ago and how much our lives have changed…

In school today, we have the keyworker children and some from Reception, Y1 and Y6. It’s nice to hear a bit more noise around here. We also have the new double classroom in use for the first time – and that’s a good thing as it means more toilets and washing facilities for children.

We are maintaining current numbers for a two week period and then we will be looking to expand for the last three weeks of term – though we are not yet sure how that should be done (we could open up another year group or perhaps ask which parents would like their children back at school).

I was quite surprised that fewer than half of the Y6 are in – that suggests that a lot of parents are not yet ready to have children back in school. I guess that even though infection rates are dropping, parents are considering that safety comes first.

My other guess is that the government will decide to reduce social distancing to 1 metre in order to get more children into school in September – but like everything, they tell us when they tell us and certainly don’t include schools in their thoughts or discussions.

Take care everyone…

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