At Courtney’s Request…

Courtney suggested that I should write a blog about what we have been doing in the summer holidays – what a good idea! My summer holiday has been quiet. I have come into school every week to sign papers and to see how the building work has been going on – and I am very excited about the start of the new term. Stella and I have been playing lots of tennis every day – and she has been in a few tournaments. This summer she has won 13 games and only lost 5 so I am well-pleased. Eve has read lots of books and been hanging out with her friends. We have also had lots of sleepovers – rather, the girls have. I went to Straford upon Avon for the weekend with the girls and Tracy and we watched a play – it was fab. Next summer, all the Y6 are visiting Stratford to see the house where Shakespeare lived as a child and we will all see a play! So what have you all been doing? Some people have sent in photos – remember that everyone who sends in a photo to will be entered in the draw for one of five £20 Meadowhall vouchers.

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  1. I’ve have had lots of lovely, family days including Scarborough twice, Cusworth Hall, Brodsworth Hall and Cannon Hall Farm. I’ve been to the cinema to see “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Brave”, both great films. We went up to Thyrbergh Park and saw Mrs Grimwood there and a few others from school. My favourite day out so far was the Tropical Butterfly House & Falconry Centre. We saw some good bird shows and a parrot came and took a coin out of my hand and put it in a collection box. They have some cool ride on electric cars and I won the race between me, my Dad and Sister!! They have some giant tortoises now which we liked stroking. Today we are going to Graves Park in Sheffield as the weather is lovely. I am looking forward to being back at school next week and my sister, Emily, is looking forward to starting Nursery. She wants to wear her uniform all the time since Mum got it for her!

  2. Emily is so cute wanting to wear her uniform. I have bought some new school trousers and I will wear them on the first day with the price tag on and then do an assembly about how beautiful the children look in their new uniform!

  3. Amy and Cara have had lots of day trips this summer holidays, they’ve been to cleethorpes twice, bridlington once, yorkshire wildlife park and clifton park (too many times to remember). We also took them to rother valley country park, the highlight for them was the pedal boat ride, but not so much a highlight for mum and dad as they had to do all the pedalling ;). They’ve also had days at the cinema, swimming and various indoor soft plays. Both have become much more confident with their bikes.

    They’ve really enjoyed themselves, but they did request a quieter last week in the holidays as they were getting a little tired (and if truth be told, so were mum, dad, gran and grandad!).

    The girls are looking forward to getting back to school and starting in their new classes. It’s been a fab summer holidays this year and very enjoyable.

    Caroline, Amy and Cara

  4. Hello Mr Brian

    I went camping with Mummy & Daddy to Edale for two nights. While we were there we went to Speedwell Cavern where you go through a tunnel in a boat and have to wear a hard hat. We also went on a daytrip to Cleethorpes where we saw Cara, who is in my class, and her sister, Amy. I’ve been to Clifton Park (where we also saw Cara and Amy) and also to the playground and the library with my sister, Erin a few times. A couple of weeks ago we got a bubble machine to play with in the garden.

    Milly Miles

  5. hi

    I went on holiday to skegness it was brill we went to the pub and the beach.

    I also went on holiday to newkay for 2 weeks, we did lots i went to disco most nights with my freind kaylghie we went to the beach and did loads like body bording, building sand castles.

    Thats all for now and bye.

    from y6

    p.s hope you had a great hoilyday too..

  6. I went to caravan with sister gradad gradma and my tow cousin.We went to the fair and went on 19 rids it was realy fun fun fun.We stade at my grandad’s caravan it has 3 bed rooms and i loved it.

  7. Hi mr. B thank you for the sweets and trophy,in the holidays I went camping with my dads family to sand le mere in whithernsea, it was so fun I had a brill time 🙂

  8. Hi Mr B i went to alton towers on the holidays and it was super i also went flamingo land and that was also super i went to two sleepovers ella slept at mine then we went lightwater vally so it was a realy busy summer but i realy enjoyed

  9. To Mr B

    ive had a great time over the six weeks holadays like cleethorps , wedding, bridling and playing out . Its been realy fun ive played with lots of people but im realy glad im back at school i realy missed my friends .

  10. To Mr B

    ive had a great time over the six weeks holadays like cleethorps , wedding, bridling and playing out . Its been realy fun ive played with lots of people but im realy glad im back at school .

  11. Mr B

    HELLO ITS BEEN GREAT OVER THE SIX WEEKS HOLADAYS I WENT TO A WEDDING. At the wedding ther was a band called mens club ang i got to go on the stage and play the tambereen. TI WAS MY BITHDAY. I GOT A 3D DS AND I WENT TO CLEETHORPS .

  12. On the school brake I did camping at skegness. then i watch ted and it was funny .but the most of the time i played out

  13. Hi Mr Brian,
    We had a fab summer holiday, we went to Drayton manor, cleethorpes, Bridlington, Astra bound & Clifton park. We had lots of fun, lots of ice creams & jack went to the three lakes with his nannan for a long walk!! We were all ready to come back to school because we had such a busy time.
    Stephanie & jack bush Y3 & Y5/6

  14. hi mr brian
    I went to skegness for my birthday with my brother and dad.We went to fantasy island nearly everyday! we went into butlins on my birthday,we also went swimming and i realy enjoyed it. we all had a great time!!!!

  15. Hi mr brian

    I went to my friends house to sleep it was very fun. I also went to my friends house for a barbecue .
    At my dads shop we had a fun day for the footballers who my dad sponsers we had a bouncy castle and a barbecue they raised over £900

  16. Hi mr b
    I’ve had great fun on holiday!!! I went to Cornwall were all my family came to,
    everyone got sun burnt especially Kathryn luckily I didn’t . Also I went to Scotland this time it was only me,Kathryn,Mum and Dad ,sadly we got eaten by stupid Midges and my sister fell down millions of times. : )

  17. hi mr b . i went to alton towers in the summer holidays . i went with my dad my mum keith and lauren.we had a great time there. we went on rides like sonic spinball,heave ho,mauraders myhem and sky ride.

  18. to mr biarn i went to havan;scarboroug and clethps.i had fun in havan i went tramplinig and lazer battale.i had ice crems as well and slush puppy.

  19. mr brian,
    me and my sister went to euro disney in the holidays we went on lots of rides and when you screamed it took your breathe away and we saw lots of characters and megan had her photo taken with one.
    we also went to cyprus where we went surfing,snorkling and bowling we went on a pedalo on the sea with a slide on it mum and dad had to pedal a lot me megan and had lots of fun

  20. In the holidays we went to skegness for 2 weeks with my family, we had a great time and the weather was red hot. we played on the beach and went on rides, Then dad took us to Wales that was good as well, we went swimming every day in the morning. Then we went to Blackpool for 6 days. we went to blackpool pleasure beach and i went on a upside down roaler coaster that went upside down as well it was brill. we went to drayton manor with the playgroup trip that sam went to. we had a great time.

  21. i the holidays i went to skeggy and had a realy fun time and i also went to drayton manor an went on a ride that drops you down and my belly went iup. i went to wales and went swimming every day then i went to blackpool and went on the pepsi max and the revelution. we went to taybarns for a meal. when we went to blackpool i had py photo done with jeremy kyle kieth lemon and cheryl cole at madam tousordes. i went up the tower it was very high we went to the toweerr circus that was fantastic,

  22. Hi mr brian in the school hols i went to the caravan and we stayed in it for 5 days it was fun.A few weeks after the caravan charley steward slept at my house.The next day charley went home at about 2:00 we really enjoyed it.

  23. During the summer holidays we went to Benidorm. We played in the pool, went to the water park and Mundamar where there are lots of animals, we watched a dolphin show. We went to the theme park Teramitica on lots of rides. I played out with my friends a lot and we went to the cinema. One day we went to see some reptiles and I held a snake and a lizard. The holidays were fun!!!

  24. Hi Mr Brian I have had a great summer holiday. I have been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park were I fed the wallaby’s and saw some really cool animals. We have also been to the Natural history museum in London which is my favorite museum. I love looking at all the dinosaurs and the strange fish. For my main holiday I went to Disneyland Paris for 5 days, it was fun and I went on space mountain 3 times. There was only 1 ride I was too small to go on which was the Indiana Jones ride. We went to see a film about Stitch and he talked to the audience and he asked me my name and were I was from, he said he was my friend it was ace. I have had a brilliant summer.

  25. Nathan H asked me to blog that in the holidays he went to Ipswich with his gran, grandad, mum dad and sister. They stayed in a cottage and nathan swam 100 metres in the pool!!

  26. Over the holiadays I went shoping for the 10 th of september 2012 whith my bro Wrayfe and my nanan in town

    I went to the astrabound , cliften parck , On my last week i went fissing and my little cousen fell in the water beaause she wouldent lisen to my uncle Pual :] ^3^363

  27. Over the hoiladays i went to astrbound ,cliften parck ,fissing and my cousen fell in and next week on tenth of september i am going to spian marbeyab were all the fires have been

  28. Hi mr.b

    I went to Cornwall it was great!!! I went to the Eden project and went on the beach and went bodyboarding!!! At the Eden project I saw mysterious plants!And I stayed in a cottage and it was quiet and I got loads of sleep. Also I got my puppy with me.

    Lilli 🙂

  29. Hi mr brian
    On the holidays i went to skegness fist we stayed in a caravan and went to the centre of skegness to go on some rides then we went to the rides nearest to us and it was great.
    But we went to blackpool as well a day after that and we were near to pleasure beach and I really loved it and also we went on the pier also with some rides.
    Bye! Evelyn 🙂

  30. Hi Mr brian
    I had a great time.I went to holland and went glamping- gloamorous camping in a massive posh tent with posh beds and everything. It was boiling hot so I went in the outside pool when I came out I was shivering. We went to the seaside and on loads of rides. On the 4th day my mum got very ill so we took her to hospital and she had to stay for 10 nights so my Auntie Joanne got an aeroplane and brought me and my little sister home. My mum says we need to go on another holiday now to make up for this one so we are going somewhere at half term but we haven’t decided where yet. I had a lovely time back in Liverpool with my Auntie Joanne and the rest of my family- so that was like a holiday really. I am glad to be back at school with everyone this week.

  31. That sounds quite an adventure – your poor mum! I am glad that you are happy to be back at school – we had a fab week with all that sunshine!

  32. during the six week holidays I did lots of exiciting things like going to chester zoo which was really fun the best thing was seeing a jaguar.I also went down to a fun day at charleys dads shop and it was really fun on the bouncy the begining of the holidays i went to brid which was good my favourite bit was the
    king frog which is a ride.

  33. hi mr B

    i went to skegness in the holidays. i also went to a farm with my cousins i relly enjoyed it. i saw some baby pigs,some owls,ponnys and some monkys.
    the monkys were verry funny because they were running about and swinging from tree to tree
    from ellie bond y4

  34. Hi Mr Brian
    When I broke up from on the Thursday for our six weeks holiday,I was getting ready to go to Cornwall on Friday,we all set off about 2am in the morning,we stayed on a lovley camp site called Handra in Newquay,our Holiday was great did loads of fun things,we had a BBQ on Newquay beach,we had a brill time in Newquay,my mum didn’t want to come home she gets upset when when she has to back home,went on holiday with my mum,dad,my sister Amy,my sister Louise,my auntie and uncal my aunties foster kids and her two sons.

    I went to Sheffield by the seaside with my mum,my big sister,my auntie and cousins and fosters kids,we all had a such a great time,came home really late from Sheffield.

    Me and my mum had a sort out in my bed room,we had sorted out my cupboards and all my toys what I don’t play with.

    For bank holiday Monday we went withernsea with my mum and dad went to see my dads uncal who has a holiday home there my mum left her car out side his holiday home so she didn’t have to pay parking fees,because my mum doesn’t like paying car park fees.

    Then on Tuesday after bank holiday with my mum and auntie we had trip to Cleethorpes we another good day I spent all my mums money.

    This holiday has gone really fast,I didn’t get board at all this holiday.

    From Rebecca Y4

  35. I spend a week in Gdansk, played on the beach and visited a town where St. Dominic’s Fair took place. Then I went to my grandpa & granny for 2 weeks. They live in Golub-Dobrzyn, where I used to live.

  36. Hi Mr B 🙂

    I went to skegness for a few days:)
    i also went to Dallowgill for a few days and whilst i was there i went to how steam gorge:)

  37. Hi Mr Brian i went to the cinema to watch brave and it was relly good my favroit part was when one of the men said.Feast your eyes boys it was relly funny.bye

  38. Mr Brian. I have been helping jess blog and came across you praising Y6s sats results, It made me think back to my last day at Ivanhoe and our Y6 assembly, It was an emotional but memorable day. Me and my mum thought it was very generous of you to give each and every Y6 a meadow hall voucher for a whopping 30 pound! My mum is taking me this saturday to meadow hall for a girly day for me putting a lot of effort into my new school. I will let you know what I buy with your generosity . THANKYOU! XxX

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