(Another) Sad Day…

I just can’t believe that it is a year since I wrote the blog ” A Sad Day…” when the last Y6 left. Last year they were listening to Pink as I blogged – this year I can hear them all whooping and shrieking along to a song by Eminem and Rihanna. As well as this amazing Y6, we are saying bye bye to Mrs Smith, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Brown on this sad day.

Still, a school doesn’t stay sad for long – and I am so excited about next September when we will have nearly 220 children in the school, up from 190 in September 2009. It is great to be part of a growing, vibrant school – even on sad days like this.

So please, please, please stay in touch with us Y6. Remember, you are allowed to come back to visit us – and you can blog – and you can come to the next disco if it still a cool thing to do!! And as for the rest of the school – what are you up to over the holiday – please blog and stay in touch! Happy Holidays!

23 thoughts on “(Another) Sad Day…

  1. mr b i will miss veryboady at ivanhoe but i promise i will come back and visit happy holadays.

  2. We are going to The Deep in the hoidays. We went to the Sealife Centre in Scarborough a few weeks ago and loved it, even my little Sister loved all the fish. We plan to have some lovely days out and hopefully some trips to the seaside if the weather stays nice. Oh and we are going to the cinema to see Toy Story 3! Phew before I know it, it will be September.

  3. I would just like to say thanks to the school for a wonderful leaving assembly . It was so nice to hear the lovely words about each child from Mrs Earnshaw and Mrs Wild which was very obviously heart felt. The whole class are credit to you all, and lets hope they can build on this.
    In my role as chair of governors , I would also like to say thank you and good luck to all staff members leaving us this summer, you will all be missed.

    What a fantastic day we had yesterday my mum,my nan my big sister and my self all went to Sheffield Tramlines it was great,my mum had taken loads of photos,you could’nt move for lots off people.Then we walked it down to the peace gardens where there was some more music and different things going off.Then my sister made us walk down to the end of the moor to this great shop it is called DECATHLON WE bought some nice fashion pumps we had a good look round its near bramell lane football club my mums team.my mum is going to take me to this shop on bramell lane where they sell NORTH FACE coats she is going to buy me one for school. I am going to Cornwall on the 14th Aug so I will keep blogging.love from Rebecca YR2.

    We need a more update photo of our school,that one looks old,there has been some changers since that one was taken.I will be back in the week.My mum is taking me to CASTLETON.by by for a few days I will be back with lots to say.

  6. I have been mainly digging the garden – and I shall be digging the garden again today. I only have the time to do it in the holidays…

  7. im going to miss ivanhoe because iwil miss all my mates in younger yeas and i will miss the teachers like mrs earnshaw,mrs wild and you. i will always miss brackfast club because its delishes

    i hope ivahoe has a grait future

  8. We will miss you Corey – but come back and see us in ther first week and I will take a photo of you in your new uniform and put it on our weekly diary so that all the teachers can see it! What are you doing with your holiday?

  9. Mr brian its a sad day whene a class leaves because emoton builds up it its also a happy feelind as well because your of to acheve our goals in life i wish everyboady at ivanhoe the best of luck . i would also like to thank you mr brian for macking my last year at ivanhoe a good year thank you. BEST OF LUCK MR BRIAN.

  10. I want to say hello i really miss school i am spending time with my family and i am enjoying fun days with my brother jordan see you all in september cant wait 🙂

  11. Hi Mr b its sakia… im writting to say i have engoyed beaing at your school but now its came to an end im sadly going to miss u. xx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hello mr brian in the 6 week holidays it was my birthday party yesterday at the storyteller but my real birthday is on wednesday i enjoyd it at the storyteller.Today i have been swimming with my nannan and grandad and my sister kayla i have done three lenths up and down in the big pool.I went to denaby festival to dance there and after i went to stroke lots of diffrent animals.I got an ice cream on the way home and played in the fun house. i will blog again soon miss you all xxxxxx

  13. Hello you lot! I have just come back from holiday in Northumberland. The weather was ok and we did lots of nice things – looking at castles, going on the beach, a boat trip to see seals and puffins, lots of arcades – lots of slot machines for my girls! It is nice to hear what people are up to!

  14. I hope everyone enjoying summer holiday I was rushed into hospital in kent on fri and had my appendix removed on sat I have been very poorly I am slowly recovering and we are hoping to get back to our house on wed

  15. hi sir
    I am still missing Ivanhoe but I am having a great time at my new, new school Mcauleys. I got though a year without a single detention :). I am really sad to here about the things that hapened to the school and it was even sader because it happened when i was on holiday 🙁
    missing all the teachers

  16. I don’t remember you even getting told off at Ivanhoe, Kathryn!! I am so pleased that you are happy at your new school. If you come in September you will see all the new work that will be completed by then – it will look fab!

  17. ok sir I have a few days off while your in school so I will come and see when i take isabelle and eliza to school 🙂

  18. hi mr brian
    can not wait to see all the good work at the school I think i will drag kathryn along to see it as well 🙂

  19. Hi Mr Brian
    My mum has broken her finger she has to wear a plastic cover over her finger.
    We came back from Cornwall last night we had a great time the weather was mixed but it didn’t put us off they was loads to do, my auntie sue came with her family and a little girl called piper thy foster her she was so funny,it was her 2nd birthday when we was there so we had a party for her.
    My mum is taking me to Castleton next week we always go there its a nice place and we take a picnic.see you soon Rebecca

  20. We have been to Scarborough today and had a brilliant time! The weather was so hot and we spent most of the time on the beach and in the sea. My Sister kept running towards the sea wanting me to chase her and bring her back, it was so funny. We had fish & chips and a huge ice-cream and a ride on the donkeys.

  21. i miss u all i wish i was still there i miss u altough i have made new friends

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