And now it’s raining again!

I have just this second returned from a long weekend in Centre Parcs. We had the greatest time – the girls went on something called a ‘Gladiator Challenge’ which was basically climbing very high up into the trees, they also went on a cheerleading session and then on a low ropes session for a couple of hours. We went cycling, canoeing and swimming as well… I didn’t think I’d enjoy the pool – but we ended up spending hours and hours in there – on different watery activities that usually meant travelling at high speed down slopes! I went into the plunge pool where the water is freezing – but I only tried it once… Two weeks today the children start back at school – who is looking forward to it? ( I am!)

17 thoughts on “And now it’s raining again!

  1. I am Mr Brian, I’ve missed my friends a lot and the teachers of course! The first week just flew by but the rest has gone way to slowly especially with the weather being so awful.

    I went on the Sheffield Wheel on Saturday with my Nannan, the views were fab! The wheel went round three times and I didn’t want to get off.

  2. I went on the wheel in York last year! I went to the National Railway Museum on my Birthday, it was great! My Mum was more scared, she said she was going to press the yellow button to get off the wheel!

  3. I went on the wheel at York last year when I went to the National Railway Mum said she was going to press the yellow button to get off! She didn’t though.

  4. I am Mr Brian, I’ve missed all my friends and the teachers,today I have been shopping to the Clark’s shoe shop to get some school shoes. I have new school clothes.On Saturday my sister amy and my cousin they went on the wheel I am going on it this Saturday , and i had taken my costume we went in the fountain’s,I love it there. We are going see my mums cousin she lives at Birley, near cristal peaks we like going to cristal peaks its nice.

  5. dear Mr Brain
    Where do you go for center parcs we go to elvinden and I do High ropes and WATER SKIING! Well its my first time next year and we are doing kayaking as well. I will have my own and my dad and isabelle will a double.
    p.s Isabelle is going to post somthing for the first time!

  6. Mr Brian, you asked me to remind you about a Christmas panto this year.

    Me, my Mum & Dad and Sister went to Pleasure Island Theme Park at Cleethorpes today. It has been really hot and sunny there, we had a great time. It was so nice bumping in to Holly Fabrik there and we even went on a couple of rides together.

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