Achieving something difficult…

At the moment of writing, the Just Giving page at school has raised £3,251 of the £4,000 that we hoped to achieve. Last Friday, just one person donated £1,000 – which is amazing!!!

Getting to the £4,000 mark is not easy, and we are all working hard to achieve it because it is really important to try to succeed when you have set yourself something difficult to do. This weekend, I tried to change an area of garden into a paved area at my house and it was VERY DIFFICULT INDEED :-(. My problem was that the paving stones I was using were massive and very heavy – so moving them was extremely hard, but then getting them into position was very hard as well. By the end of four hours work I had got myself sweaty, tired and covered in dirt but only managed three paving stones (three more to do.) When have you been faced with something difficult and how did you manage to beat it? Let us know and we can encourage others to keep going and not to give up…

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62 thoughts on “Achieving something difficult…

  1. I’m on a journey to lose some weight I’m going to start by making small changes in my life.Firstly,I’m going to cut out chocolate biscuits crisps sweets all kinds of sugar. I’m also going to try and fit more exercise this for me is going to be hard to achieve but worth if I succeed:)
    From Courtney Frost Y4 lemur class

  2. Once In my life I was afraid of that dark because I thought someone was watching me and I still do a bit but I new that know one was watching me so I am not afraid any More 🙂. Lexi fisher Y3/4. Panda 🐼 class

  3. My difficulty but I did it was to accomplish a weird thing with my tongue. I had been trying for ages but I did it!

  4. When I came into this school it was hard to make friends and that was my difficulty.

  5. My hardest achievement was gymnastics because when I do my backflip I don’t push my hips up enough. But last week in gymnastics I finally did it: I pushed my hips up. And hen I did, I was so proud of myself because I had been trying so hard for a few weeks now…

  6. My difficult thing is falling back into the crab and Isaac’s is riding a bike without stabilisers.

  7. Swimming 2,000 metres every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is difficult for 1 hour and fifteen minutes.

  8. Dear Mr Brian,
    I found doing my 6 times tables was hard but i did it. from Taylor y3

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