Achieving something difficult…

At the moment of writing, the Just Giving page at school has raised Β£3,251 of the Β£4,000 that we hoped to achieve. Last Friday, just one person donated Β£1,000 – which is amazing!!!

Getting to the Β£4,000 mark is not easy, and we are all working hard to achieve it because it is really important to try to succeed when you have set yourself something difficult to do. This weekend, I tried to change an area of garden into a paved area at my house and it was VERY DIFFICULT INDEED :-(. My problem was that the paving stones I was using were massive and very heavy – so moving them was extremely hard, but then getting them into position was very hard as well. By the end of four hours work I had got myself sweaty, tired and covered in dirt but only managed three paving stones (three more to do.) When have you been faced with something difficult and how did you manage to beat it? Let us know and we can encourage others to keep going and not to give up…

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62 thoughts on “Achieving something difficult…

  1. I have tried several times to do a backbend and I have finally achieved my goal πŸ€— Yay! Amelie

    I have achieved my black belt in kickboxing and became an instructor πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«! Noah

  2. I have tried several times to ride my bike with no stabilisers I have reached my goal,swimming was really hard,work because it is sometimes really hard and learning to read and write.

    Libby McCluskie Y4 lemur class.

  3. I once had a problem and I’m still working on it my Grandad died and I have to get over It.

    But I’v now got a DVD to help me understand my grief .

  4. Dear Mr Brian
    In Gymnastics I’ve been trying so long to get Gymnast of the year and last year I did I was so proud of myself πŸ‘πŸ»
    from Demi-Leigh corbett Y4

  5. I have resontly been concreting my front garden and I’ve had to mix all the cement and stuff .It was very hard so I’ve put it on this blog😁

    Oliver Butterworth Y4
    Lemur Class

  6. Dear mr Brian ,
    It has been difficult these past few weeks because we have been dealing with the tragedy what happened to an amazing girl who is one of my best friends. I couldn’t go to school every day crying so I just had to say to myself she’s in a better place , she will be having fun and she will always be my heart . Luckily , all my friends supported me and made it a lot easier . I have learned how to deal with the news .
    From Kayla Y6 .πŸ™‚

  7. I have tried several times to fall in to the crab it’s so hard to achieve things that you are wanting to do straight away
    I keep on asking my mum to see if u can go gymnastics to do it and practise

    I do have an achievement that is to do a cartwheel and a round off it is so fun to do a lot of things like that e.g β€œhandstand”

    My friends Effie Chantel Alisia and Freya all help they are the best friends I have ever had

    By Shae lemur class

  8. Dear Mr Brian,

    I have overcome and achieved the following:
    β€’I have overcome my headaches and nosebleeds and I haven’t had alot since
    β€’With the help of my class mates, We have overcome the grief of one amazing girl πŸ™‚
    β€’I have become stronger and achieved a range of things on my bike.

    From Cara Y6

  9. Test week was tricky but I gave it my best and walking the mile was hard.

    Jacob H Y4.

  10. It has been hard to do stuff without nuala so I have to get used to it

  11. It has been difficult the past threw days as we have lost a beautiful kind and funny girl we miss her so much that’s why it’s been so hard my class mates have been supporting me so that made it a lot easier from Ellie Y6

  12. It has been difficult the past threw days as we have lost our gorgeous kind and funny liltle girl but my class mates have supported me and made it a lot easier from Ellie Y6

  13. Mr Brian, I’m currently getting over my fear of dogs. When I go to my aunties house she lets Kendall the dog out in garden and after a while I’m ok with her. I play with her by throwing a ball etc.
    Daniel y4

  14. I found Sugar Free February a big struggle and I was very very glad after it was over

    By Tabitha Jackson!!!!

  15. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to get the best of is stage fright. And, I still haven’t beat it and I still have a mental breakdown whenever I have to speak or perform in front of people. But I know it’s gotten much better because I used to struggle talking to people who weren’t my best friends and I’ve noticed that whenever I sing in front of people, that mental breakdown is a little less bad than the last. Last year I sang at a wedding and I nearly decided not to last minute because I nearly had a heart attack I was so scared. But I did it. And it felt great (everyone recorded it on their phones and put it on Facebook. Ahhhh- technology).

    That must be the longest blog ever. ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT!

    Milly Y6

  16. I was struggling on a word it was OCCASIONALLY but then I kept practicing and I spelt it all correct. I WAS PROUD .
    Like my mum said” practice makes perfect”

    Freya price Y3/4

  17. Dear mr Brian ,
    What I have achieved so far in this year
    .getting first on early every single comp
    .getting full marks on my maths test

    By Tegan Bush Y5

  18. I struggle in literacy more than maths and I struggle in football but I keep trying my best

  19. First I couldn’t swim very well, but I kept trying every day – now I’m really good πŸ™‚

  20. I achieved walking my St Bernard puppy by myself. She has grown into the size of a Shetland pony. My favourite thing is watching her run free.

  21. My lego friends ski set because it was difficult at first but then I took my time and asked for help and in the end I finished it and it turned out great.

  22. My blog is about ice-skating because when I started I just couldn’t keep my balance and I just fell. It took me about a year so I could ice skate pretty well but even a pro slips a couple of times…

  23. I did a comprehension yesterday – it was really hard but that wouldn’t stop me…

  24. When I was first learning to ride my bike I kept falling into the bushes. The bad thing was I had to ride it but the bushes were spiky. Now I can ride my bike perfectly.

  25. My achievement is learning how to do a front-flip and land it – I’ve achieved it πŸ™‚

    What I am trying to achieve is my ariel – Grace TM is teaching me. The first step is to do a cartwheel, which I can do, but I need to trust myself to take my hands off the floor. Reese Newton is nearly there but I am not. I am sure I can do it.

    At school, I read the question properly, understand and believe – all equals pride in my work and happiness πŸ™‚

  26. I hope to achieve the biggest gymnastics award my dad says he hopes I will get it because he has fafe in me and I have fafe in me

    Ava peace panda class Y3

  27. Wen I went on holiday I had stage fright really really bad and my nannan said to do it so many times so I did it now I am not scared no more I faced my fear
    By macie Johnson
    Y5 miss Cartwright and miss moseley

  28. At school my friends don’t get along and they always fight and I have to play with someone else but then they keep following me and it dosen’t feel nice to walk away so eventually I just try to avoid playing with both of my friends that fight at the same time .😝.
    Y4 lemur classπŸ““πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ‘­πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜œπŸ€ͺ

  29. I found it really hard to ride a bike because I couldn’t keep my balance but I can now finally ride my bike with confidence. Lillie Adamson

  30. Dear Mr Brian

    These last couple of months have been difficult dealing with the news about Nuala she was such an amazing friend who I loved but we have all been supporting each other this has brought we all together and we have all achieved to get through this difficulty together

    from Nancy Pearce Y6

  31. I was really scared when i went to Spain because i’d not been on a plane for 2 whole years cos when we were landing in Spain it went really fast

    i find geometry really hard but for my birthday my i got a Y 6 targeted practise workbook so i find it even easier now

    By Evie Year 5 koala class
    miss Cartwright and miss Moseley

  32. Dear Mr Brian these past few months has been super difficult losing the most precious little girl ever it was so hard to go to school but luckily I have the bestest friends ever and I really appreciate them so I’ve just learned to deal with the horrible news and try and have fun again from Olivia hunter y6 mrs wilds

  33. Dear mr Brian ,
    I have a 3D puzzle and that was really hard to make but with help of my dad we finally did it.
    From Alyssia Butterworth.Y6 Cool Cats.

  34. I had to come over my fear of doing a back handspring because a few years ago I tried on my mums bed and hurt my back. Now I can do it on my own and do a round off into it. I also had to get over my fear of jumping off of the high diving board at the Metrodome. Although those things were difficult, the hardest was getting over one of my best friends passing away a few weeks ago.

    Isla Chambers Y5/6

  35. I always try my best to achieve and always put 100 per cent into anything I do, I tried really hard in my maths test and I got the highest score in my class.

    Ethan Sutcliffe

  36. I have been trying really hard to get my tick tock and walk over at dancing and I’ve finally managed it!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  37. I was afraid of the dark once but I had to get something from my room but the light switch ( for unknown reasons ) was at the other side of the room so I had to overcome the dark and now I’m no longer afraid of the dark .

  38. Dear Mr Brian,

    When I was learning how to ride a bike I kept on falling into the very spiky bushes. It hurt every time, but I got used to it and now I know how to ride a bike.

    Evie Y4
    Lemur class.

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