We are going back to having a word of the week – both at KS1 and KS2 and the word of the week for KS2 is innocuous. This word comes from the Latin innocuus: in meaning ‘not’ and nocuus¬† meaning ‘injurious or harmful’ so innocuous means – not harmful, like safe or harmless. The antonym of innocuous is ‘harmful’. You could use it like this: ‘don’t take it to heart, it was an innocuous remark’ or ‘that wasn’t a penalty, it was an innocuous clash.’

We also were given the word, phosphorescent which means glowing without heat, inquisitive, which means curious or showing an interest. In addition, we had stooping which means with your head and shoulders forwards and downwards, and impertinent, which means rude, or not showing the proper respect.

Why not try to blog a sentence using one of these words (or several sentences using them all…)