A Christmas Wish…

We are definitely coming up to Christmas – we now have less than three weeks to the end of term. I am looking forward to Christmas Jumper day and Christmas dinner on the 14th December and the Nativity, the church service, the Christmas parties – and maybe even a visit from Father Christmas :-).

My favourite part of Christmas is seeing how excited my children are. Jude was incredibly excited just at the thought of opening his advent calendar on Saturday – he was jumping up and down with the excitement! Last year, on Christmas Eve, we actually went to see Santa in Wentworth and Jude was completely enthralled by the experience. My favourite thing leading up to Christmas, is putting on the radio and hearing Christmas pop songs from the past – I love them. I also love standing in St Peter’s Church and imagining all the people that have stood in that church in the past 1000+ years as I look at all of KS2 sitting there. I love Christmas – what do you love about it – let us all know.

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