100,000,000 (one hundred million) minutes…

Our 100 Million Minutes reading challenge began last Thursday, and whilst the snowy weather meant it was slightly delayed, I am confident that when we put our reading minutes on the leader board this Friday, we will have made an excellent start.
There are lots of prizes on offer both nationally and at Ivanhoe. The school with the highest average reading minutes per child will win £5,000 worth of books. In school, children have the chance to win a tub of Haribo and 28 reading stickers for each of the 4 weeks they read every day and a giant Easter egg and 50 reading stickers (a free teddy bear!) if they read every day for the entire month.
But this challenge isn’t just about winning prizes. Research has shown that just ten minutes reading per day can make a massive difference to a child’s progress. Reading helps children in so many different ways including: enhancing their communication skills and imaginations and exposing children to a wider variety of vocabulary – which in turn will make their spelling knowledge and writing better.
Please blog and tell us how many minutes you have read so far and what you have been reading!
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