Name the Guide Dog…

At Ivanhoe, we are going to spend £2,500 of our charity money on helping to support a guide dog through his/her first year of training so that they can help someone with sight problems to live a more enjoyable life. Because we are donating this money, we are allowed to name the dog! I think we have to gather together a number of names so that the most appropriate name can be chosen. The idea is that the name is a two-syllable word like Romney or Toby or Callie… So if you fancy thinking of a name – a name that our very own guide dog might be called, simply pop it on the blog and we will send some off to the Guide Dog Society and see which one they choose.

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That wonderful summer!!!

The weather is so beautiful this week and the sun is shining so brightly that I am taken back to the summer holidays when every day seemed long, glorious and full of sunshine. However, autumn is upon us and gradually the nights will get dark earlier and the leaves will fall off the trees and soon it will be getting to winter…

Let’s cheer ourselves up by letting people know what we got up to over the summer. I had a lovely time: I went with Jude to the seaside and he got into the sea for the first time – the problem being that he kept eating sand and he wouldn’t come out of the water! I also went on lots of walks with him before taking him camping, again by the seaside.

Let us know what you got up to – and help to take us back to that wonderful summer.