I am choosing business as my word of the week today as three of my five children failed to spell it correctly in English this morning!!! It is a funny word and whenever I spell it, I say in my head bus-i-ness and then I remember that the i comes after the bus of business… So when you say to someone ‘mind your own business‘ then try to remember how we spell it 🙂 .

I was really impressed that most of mine could spell calendar as it is a difficult word – I think the ‘ar’ at the end is tricky. A word that two of my very best spellers got wrong was stomach because they tried to put an e at the end!! (perhaps they were thinking of stomach-ache instead…Another word that caused a problem was conscious – I think the sc in the middle can be tricky. We also had a bit of a problem with describe . A final problem was one that I thought would be easy, and that was league. Many of our children play football in leagues and we have to remember the tricky gue at the end of the word. Our Y6b children are coming up to SATs when they have to do a spelling test with 20 words – we want them to get as many right as possible!

business …calendar…stomach…conscious…describe…league…

Challenge Mr Brian!

Some of our lovely Y6 children have been invited to appear in a quiz on the television!! How exciting is that!! Unfortunately for our children, they also have to have me on their team – and I don’t get asked all the History and Geography and General Knowledge questions: I have to answer about stuff like, who are the members of 1D and what songs do 5SOS sing – and about song lyrics from Little Mix. When I did a pretend go with the TV company they asked me (1) who won X-factor last time? (2) how does this Little Mix song line finish: “Take a sip of my secret potion… {I’ll make you fall in love…} (3) Who are these two people) { they were Niall and Louis from 1D} and (4) What is the name of this TV programme on CBBC: Millie {Inbetween}. I got 0/4 🙁

I didn’t know any of the answers 🙁 Since then I have bought a 1D cd, and ones by 5SOS and Little Mix but I think I need children to ask me questions about stuff that children know: names of pop stars, song titles, children’s television, children’s books and things like that. Please think of some questions and try to catch me out: It will help Ivanhoe to win the quiz!