Sad Times

It’s always sad when we have to lose another group of Y6 children whom we have nurtured over eight years at Ivanhoe 🙁 . As a headteacher, this is a particularly strange feeling as I have been leading this school for every minute of their time here…and I have been giving them Star of the Week, praising them for their lovely work, going on trips with them and even teaching them since they were tiny!

I would like all Y6 children to think about leaving us with a memory of their time at school – I’m sure they have plenty of vivid ones to share… let us know what has made you happy and given you pleasure and keep those memories alive for us all 🙂

Change to the School Holidays in 2015/16…

Hello parents,

You will have received a letter from school telling you about the changes that Governors have decided to make to the school holidays in 2015/16. We have decided to make these changes to give parents an opportunity to have a holiday which is inside the term times of most schools but outside Ivanhoe’s – which should make it much cheaper 🙂 . We have been inspired to do this in order to give children every chance of attending school as much as possible and not to miss out on their Education because of holiday choices made by parents.

Teachers do have to make a bit of a sacrifice, but we are willing to do everything we can to help parents and children. Please let us know what you think about the idea of having two weeks off at summer half term (17 days actually) and then just continuing at school for three extra days right at the end of the summer term. We think it is an exciting change which should help most parents – what do you think?