Happy Christmas !!!

I always like to blog on Christmas Day… it’s such a great day, and such a day of hope for us all… I was really delighted to receive the ruler from a Y6 girl from Ivanhoe and the pen from a girl at Balby Street. The ruler has the lovely, apposite quotation (apposite means appropriate, suitable or fitting – I’d like to see my Y6 group use that word…) The quote is from Martin Luther who was born in 1483. I, of course, would like to see all the children at both schools use their pens to change the world… The pen is a Sheaffer pen, and when I was a kid, I would have given anything for a Sheaffer – it’s so cool :-). Thank you for all those presents I received. I hope that everyone is having a lovely Christmas. Please blog and let me know about your presents and how you are spending the holiday.View image on TwitterHAPPY CHRISTMAS+HAPPY CHRISTMAS+HAPPY CHRISTMAS + HAPPY