Our News and Views on SATs…

It was quite funny in school today for the Y6. You might think that on the last school day before the very important SATs exams (Standard Assessment Tests) we would all be working our socks off… but we tried to have a very relaxing day instead so that the children felt nice and calm before the big week. This afternoon half the Y6 did PE and half rehearsed the school play (Macbeth). We are really ready for these tests – the children are very well prepared and we teachers are happy that we have taught to a very high standard.

I would like children in Y6 to keep a kind of diary of this week, beginning with how they get themselves ready over the weekend and then continuing with an account of each day’s experience – before we all go off on our residential trip on Friday. It would be very interesting for other people to read and it might be nice as a kind of diary, because these blogs can be read in years to come.

Good luck everybody 🙂