The Coca Cola bottle is full!!!!!!

potw140After about three months of hard collecting, the Coca Cola bottle is now full to the very top…I think that this is an amazing effort by everyone in the school. We had our final push today and we filled it and then found that we had quite a few to spare for the next time we collect…

The weight of the full Coca Cola bottle is 42.5 kilograms or 6 stone 10 lbs – so it weighs almost as much as any one of the office staff (we have all been on the weighing scales this morning!) and it weighs well over half what I weigh!

I am setting everyone a challenge now to see how clever we are. See if you can answer these questions…The cleverest answer will have the bottle once we have emptied it!

  • What is the total of the money in the Coca Cola bottle – so how much money is in there?
  • How many coins are there in the jar?

Please blog the answers and we will see who is the winner 🙂