A Sad Day – for the fifth year running…

I find it hard to believe but this is the fifth year when I have blogged whilst listening to the Y6 leavers’ disco. This year it is Taylor Swift singing ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in…’ and ‘One way or another’ by One Direction.

This has been an amazing year – with fantastic results again and even a level 6 in maths for one student which is a very cool thing indeed! We have yet more children coming in September and should be up to 270 by then.

I really hope that everyone has a super holiday – I certainly hope that you manage to stay cool 🙂 . When you come back in September we will have a lovely new-look dining area and really fantastic food on offer, so I hope that most children will stay for school dinner. So have a great holiday and let us know what you are up to. We will see everyone again on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.40 am.