Red Nose Week: MARCH 2013…

Two years ago in 2011 when we wanted to celebrate Comic Relief, we decided to make a week of it and do something different each day to help raise awareness and to help raise money and to have a lot of fun! We already have 180 red noses (see below, though they will not be for sale until the beginning of March) and now we need some brilliant ideas to take us through the week and finishing with Red Nose Day on Friday 15th June. Two years ago we had cake sales, funny hair days, tell a joke days and so on. Please come up with some brilliant ideas and we can begin to plan what will be one of the best weeks of the year!


New Year’s Resolution…

I love the New Year. All the way from September until December the days get darker and the weather gets colder and more miserable. From returning to school in January, the days gradually get lighter and warmer – even if we know there might be some cold and snowy days somewhere, we know that gradually spring and then summer are coming…I always feel full of hope and optimism in January which is why I like to make New Year resolutions and then to try to stick to them. It is a great thing to set yourself targets – it is a great thing to try to be positive and to improve yourself, so I hope that lots of children come up with one or two and then try to stay with them as long as possible. These are three of mine:

  • To organise the building of extra classroom space in the school so that when groups go out to learn they have somewhere quiet and well set out to work in.
  • To reward those children who have excellent attendance.
  • To teach a Y6 group every day between half term and SATs.

I have other resolutions do do with home – like going to bed early every night and not getting cross with the cat when he has trashed my room, but the bullet-pointed ones are my school resolutions. I think I will come back to these after half term or towards the end of term and let you know how I am doing. Meanwhile, what resolutions will you make to help you to do even better at school? Let me know and we can review these in a month or two as well.