The best disco ever!!!!

I think that the two discos we had last night were epic! Mrs Toller needs to be thanked because she listened to all the children who blogged and tried to give them exactly what they had asked for – haunted house, dance-offs, fancy dress spot prizes, spiders, snakes and eyeballs! It was brilliant. I am sure that we will also be having a Chrsitmas disco, so if you would like to comment on last night’s fun or if you would like to make suggestions for the next one then go ahead.



What shall we spend our £2,000 on???

The School Council has been given £2,000 out of the school budget to spend on something that children would like to make the school a better place for children! The council are going to do some surveys with all the classes to ask people what they want and they are also going to put the same question on the front of a homework sheet so that it gets back to mums and dads. They also wanted to put it on the blog… So if you have a suggestion for spending that money (some or all of it) just blog your ideas – and before you ask, a swimming pool is sadly out of the question as are zipwires!!


Halloween (or Hallowe’en)

We are having a couple of discos on Thursday 25th October from 4.00-5.30 and then from 6.00-7.30 as children have asked if we can do so. At Ivanhoe, when we have a disco all children are accompanied by an adult as this is the safest way to run such an event. This blog is simply to ask children and parents for ideas and suggestions about ‘extras’ for the disco – what we could do to make it even more fun! Blog and let us know – it’s your disco!