A Sad Day (for the fourth year running!)

This is the fourth time I have blogged whilst listening to the Y6 on their last day having a lovely disco dance! In 2009 it was Pink I could hear, in 2010 it was Rihanna and Eminen, in 2011 it was The Wanted and this year it is Maroon 5 (Payphone) (The nice version!)

It is very sad to see this talented Y6 go their separate ways – though I think that 22 out of 23 of them are going to De Warenne Academy. They have been the most talented bunch ever in terms of SATs (96% level 4+ in English and maths!!!) but they have also been kind and considerate and pleasant to teach as well.

I hope that they all enjoy their summer holidays ( and send me photos at head@ivanhoe.doncaster.sch.uk) and that they have a great start to their Y7 and keep working hard. Life goes on and our academy is growing and growing – a new classroom is being built over the summer holiday as we will have nearly 260 children here in September. I hope they stay in touch!

Happy Holidays!

Memories of 2011/12

We are getting to the point in the year where we are thinking of saying farewell to our fantastic Y6. At this time of year it is good to recall all the memories of the year (Y6 children can recall any memory of their time in school!) One of my favourite memories, from just a short time ago, was seeing all the children making sandcastles on Cleethorpes Beach, but another was playing with all the reptiles and strange creatures that were brought in for KS1 to play with earlier in the year, or seeing the castle for the first time that Mr Luke made in the Reception playground. I loved Young Voices in December, and I loved the Christmas crackers at Christmas dinner, and the church service and The Wizard of Oz pantomime. I have so many happy memories of 2011/2012 – and I suppose I should say how happy┬áI was when we finally became an academy and when I saw children wearing the new uniforms. Please tell me what happy memories you have of Ivanhoe in the past year…